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Sole Gunner

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Complete Level 2

The Heart Gem 100 Points

Complete Level 4

The Power Gem 100 Points

Complete Level 3

The Wisdom Gem 100 Points

Complete Level 1

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Author Comments

(This game is a tribute to Gunstar Heroes and all the classics that my favourite game company Treasure made. It's also got little shout outs to over games as well.)

Yes, I know stuff is missing and some stuff could be done better, but it's just a little flash project I wanted to really do for myself. It's a mix between, Gunstar, Megaman and Contra.)

(If you like this game, or any classic 16 bit, run 'n' gun games, please help me fund a fully featured game through Kickstarter!)

http://www.kickstarter.co m/projects/sinclairian/tw in-gunners

Arrows: Move/Aim
A: Jump
S: Shoot
Stand over the item and press the down key.
Press the backspace key.

Well, it's finally done. I know it's a bit late but I ran into some issues like you do. Anyway it's all there, four big levels, lots of bosses and some retro action sprinkled on top.

It's pretty difficult but there is unlimited continues to counter balance that aspect. I've added medals and extras to unlock for you peeps who enjoy that sort of thing.

It's a big, CPU heavy game, so if you're experiencing lag, you can download the standalone offline exe for free. (You could also resize the game by 2x to it's native 320x224 resolution.)

Here is the stand-alone:

Anyway, I hope you like it, it took a while to make and I have put a lot of effort into this, (about four months worth really.) So yeah, hope you enjoy.


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Encountered a bug on the start of the second level - I tries to jump but as my character was on the tile the char. was still in a jumping position. I couldn't jump,only move left and right. I had to be hit by the moving stage to get up.

Perfecto me iso recordar a contra y juegos retro de supernintendo donde uno no debe dejar de disparar XD

Great graphics, sounds, music, effort AND extras! I love your games! But...

The Lime Rocketeer (Thank you for the extras, Sinclair!) is broken, unless I missed something VITAL there. The Lime Rocketeer's arms attack twice then slowly drift below the level never to return. Even the tractor beams disappear. Was I supposed to go spastic-ballistic, ape-shit on the things with the flamethrower to reach the boss's second form? I mean, I actually jumped off the platform and started bouncing on one of the arms just to get some last damage on the MFer before it escaped...

Minus 1.5 stars because the game becomes virtually impossible at that point. The rest of this [balance, hit boxes, level design, etc] is acceptable for most finished games.

The only weapon worse than the default Pistol is the Rocket.
"Speed determines the Victor." - B. Lee.
The only reason I'd switch to the much less responsive Rockets is if it's damage output was significantly better than the pistol.

The best weapon is the [F] Flamethrower.
[F] can pass the same wall/barriers the [M] gun can.
Each sprite hangs in midair
-> damaging bosses twice or waiting for minions to walk or fly into it and die.
-> negating the protagonist's movement penalty.
FIRE DANGEROUS! It's literally the weapon with the most intricate Physics.
-> It climbs around walls like Fire!
-> It's spread is the greatest of all guns at close-quarters and negates whatever advantage [S] has, up to the [F]'s max distance.
FIRE PRETTY! It's literally the weapon with the most intricately drawn sprites.
-> Seriously, folks. It's Obviously the best.

#1 ) Medal help. If some of the medals haven't registered, make backups of all your sol files, then remove one of the sol files and restart the game when you have a consistent internet connection.

#1 ) Level 4's bullet hell boss (4-1) gives no collision damage.
-> Feel free to shove your ship's guns up his exhaust ports.
#2 ) Level 4's 8-bit Boss(es) are a marathon without health refills.
-> Find the [S] weapon hidden behind the Alien Hominid HD billboard.
-> Before you reach the first 3 bosses, inch your way up to them till you can start shooting them.

#3 ) That godforsaken anime hair... Be aware, players. It's a part of the hero's hit box and "physics" consideration. 3 major examples it becomes ridiculously detrimental:
Hugging the top of the screen on the vertical ascent levels.
-> There are points where you need to hug the top to make certain timed jumps or take a 25 HP penalty.
-> Getting knocked down by a moving platform because the protagonist put too much gel in her hair...
Resting Hor. Missiles (R. S-68)
-> Couple of the resting missiles are placed above blocks and can't be shot because of their elevation. You're forced to use care when jumping underneath them or take collision damage... from her hair.

Also, would've loved the original, scantily-clad, protaginist from Force Gunner, but whatever.

TL;DR Great graphics, sound, music, effort AND extras! 3.5 stars for virtually impossibru 2nd stage boss.

well, looks like a good game, but i don't jump with A and shoot withS. Could you please put customizable controls?

The Empire is Attacking the Natives! Sav-- Oh Wait, Wrong Game.

Gunstar Heroes is my all time favorite action games for my favorite retro console suited for stylized action games of its caliber, the Sega Genesis, from my all time favorite company, Treasure.

We have not seen a game quite like Gunstar Heroes since Gunstar Super Heroes for GBA, and it's unfortunate that we don't see many games today, especially in faux retro scene, taking a cue from Gunstar Heroes, making the game's sense of explosive excitement somewhat of a piece of lost nostalgia for me. Something of a bygone era.

This game here is great tribute to that bygone era. The games looks, sounds, and even feels like a great Sega Genesis action game.

The music is pure hardcore awesomesauce, it sounds almost like NON composed it. From serious tone the selection screen invokes, as you try to pick out which level to tackle first, to the "Down to Business" theme of level one that makes you feel like a bad ass, to the scaling melody of the second stage as you ascend a silo, or the fast paced theme as you run across the train in level 3, the music just feels right and has that "ummph" of dynamic energy to it that makes me come back to the game.

As for the art, I can not believe it's not Han. I always dug Han designs because they felt reminiscent of Gainax designs.

The gamplay is tried and true sidescroller fare. Though to pinpoint something peculiar, the controls feel more akin to Megaman than Gunstar, considering that in Gunstar, you could jump up and do a kick or bellyflop of some sort as an alternative means of taking out enemies. In this game, you just jump and shoot, but you can shoot in four directions. The weapon system in Gunstar was awesome because you could combine 2 weapon powerups to form unique weapons based on those two specific elements. My favorite was the laser sword because it was freaking powerful despite its limited range and it could melt bullets. However, in this game, the weapon powerups are more akin to Contra's style in that you can only pick up one weapon at a time. But hey, at least the laser gun in this game is far far far more better than the laser in Contra. Though personally, my favorite gun in this game is the flamethrower, if not the rocket launcher(I am a sucker for high damage guns). However, the game does call for different guns at times, seeing that some guns do better in some areas than others. Like the flamethrower is powerful as hell, but it can't shoot through walls like the laser can, and you can't move while you are using it like you can with all other guns. So, there is balance, and I have always found balance to be an important part in designing games. The health is just like Gunstar, because in that game, and in this game, you don't die in one hit, you can take multiple hits, but your health is listed as a percentage. This aspect is what I think gives Gunstar an advantage over Contra, because I always find one hit kill stuff incredibly frustrating!(Contra still kicks ass because it has great level design to make up for its one hit kill mechanics, it also does not restart you at the begining of the level if you lose a life, which is a plus.)

Then there's some great twists in this game, like the vertical space shooter genre switch at the start of level 4 and...

The 8 bit sub levels, one of which pays direct homage to level 1 of Contra with its Island landscape, exploding bridges, suicidal enemies and gun turrets, and another which pays direct homage to Megaman's Cutman level. The graphics and music make a total shift, utilizing NES colors and Sounds.

Bottom line.

You earned yourself a 5 star. Now the thing is I don't normally give out these babies except for entries that I feel break the mold, that truly stand out, and of course in addition to something that I absolutely love. In general a 5 score entry is something you wouldn't believe, considering the quality, was on Newgrounds for free. In the case of games it is score reserved for games that excel with exceptional coding, graphics and level design. Any flaws, if there are any, are miniscule because this Flash game IS the kind of game I like to play on the Sega Genesis, for free on Newgrounds.

If you have any behind the scenes footage, like stuff about how you made the game, composed the music, and coded it, I would like to see that, because I would like to make games like this one, but with a twist.

I hope you make more 16 bit style games in the future.

Good luck on your next entry.