boring game feat stickman

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finish the game by going through obstacles.


is this based off of the hardest game in the world?

There are some problems.

I played this a good amount of times, I should be almost perfect now, but there are some problems...

1: Some times you jump for a platform, and fall through it. Some times when you are just walking around on a platform, you fall through.

2: On level 4 with the spike, if you hold right very gently, you keep falling in to the Spike, and at some point, stop respawning and must restart the game.

3: Sometimes when you respawn, you fall through that platform.

4: On level 6, if you fall off the left, you respawn at the goal instead of the start, but this only happens falling to the left and not anywhere else

5: On level 8, when you hold left and bump the blue circle, when you respawn, you can press jump and reach the goal very easy.

All right... I thought the first levels were just OK but I really liked the last level, it was a pretty fun level.

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I honestly don't understand how this made it... I don't mean to be rude. I just feel that you didn't really try.

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music is repetitive and irritating, no motion on the stick man. only redeeming quality is it sorta works, the hit detection on the doors and objects are kinda off though

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I loled. Great game. Funny. : o

Simple. pure and fun. No animation, but I don't do animation myself, and I think it's fun to make things in like...a couple hours.

Great stuff.

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1.91 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2012
10:32 AM EST
Adventure - Other