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Zero Justice: AA

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Rare footage from the criminally underrated Zero Justice: Ace Attorney, released only in Taiwan.

The Robot Masters are sick of getting their powers stolen, so they exploit the Blue Bomber's only known weakness: the American Justice System. Can rookie defense attorney Zero Justice win the case against the ruthless Tronziska bon Karma? Or will Mega Man's hopes of an acquittal be cancelled too?

Programs used: Pencil, Blender, Monkeyjam, Inkscape, GIMP

Music by CAPCOM

SFX by CAPCOM and freesound.org

Press Start 2P Medium Font by codeman38

Special thanks to codeman38, the folks at court-records.net, and anyone bothering to read all of this.

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I find Phoenix Wright is good stuff.
Dunno, is this from it, or is Phoenix from this...
Anyway, without research, this was a good one. Few texts that I cannot read, but otherwise I liked this.

themysterymeatman responds:


i gotta say i love the animations. i want to make phoenix wright megaman sprite crossovers too. i'm so jealous.

I like the animation, however it's very hard to read the text when it's green. Any chance of uploading a higher quality copy?

themysterymeatman responds:

I've managed to compress the file to 18 MB instead of the original 11.8 MB. I hope that does it, cuz I have no other way of increasing quality without the file size becoming too big for Newgrounds.