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Ms. Mouse

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Author Comments

Extremely basic game mechanics that I nevertheless have not seen elsewhere. I had a working game up in a few hours and thought to myself that this works well enough to spend a week or two on. Well, I added a few features and weeks turned to months ... This seems to be a rule of game development that never fails. Add a single, simple feature and watch complexity increase twofold!

The last weeks I struggled with the difficulty level simply because it makes a world of difference to play this game with a touchpad instead of a mouse. My solution was to have several difficulty levels and that you have to qualify for the higher ones that are not only harder but allow for higher scoring. Let me know how this works! Thanks!

I enjoyed doing the graphics on this one. I haven't really done cartoony, vector based graphics before but found it easy. For once, work on graphics was a minor, say 25%, part of development.

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Simple and fun.
I feel like I would enjoy extreme difficulty more but is it really possible to get the extreme difficulty setting? Because I've been trying for a while and the best time I've got was 5.49 and I keep the cursor very close to the heart the whole way, do I need to keep the mouse inside the throbbing heart the entire time? Even with 100% perfection it must be barely possible to go under 5 seconds.

OK so your game is GREAT but I have a question for all the developers AND gamers alike.Why is it ALWAYS that CATS are the evil villains that want ot destroy the world,while DOGS(for games with dogs)are the brave heroes who are here yo rid us of tyrany and evil?

AthleticDesign responds:

But from a mouse's point of view a cat surely is a villain, don't you agree ;) I actually considered using giant snakes instead but opted for cats as they are more in line with the cuddly, girl friendly tone of the game.

Thanks for your five star rating!

Such an easy game. Nice, I like it.

AthleticDesign responds:


Great! Though simple, the game is polished and is easy to learn. You give clear instructions the music is suitable and the sound effects are fine. You could teach many of the other "under judgement" creators how to make a good game.

AthleticDesign responds:

I agree on all counts!

Interesting... I like it!

AthleticDesign responds:

Glad you liked it! It does get more interesting at later level and it would be possible to construct really intricate levels with this basic game mechanics.

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2012
11:01 AM EST