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Typing Of The Living Dead

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Third person zombie touch typing shooter game with two game modes.

* Survivor Mode:
Type your way through sixteen zombie infested levels - complete the mission objectives to unlock the "Cut Scenes".

*Death Wish Mode:
Destroy as many zombies as possible before you become infected.

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Fantastic game in comparison to most other typing games on here, the only suggestion I have is to make it less wait time between zombies coming out, and maybe make a larger library of words, note: I only played the story mode, didn't try the survivor mode just yet, I can type around 100-129 wpm I almost got hit, but didn't get hit yet, so I don't know how many hits is required before you die. Message me if you ever add any updates or make a new one.

good stuff. Some music wuld be good, and throw in some random characters to mix it up. Has potential!

Nice! Checking my WPM and killing zombies?! Heck yes.

it looks like a pre 1993 game and needs a meter for the zombies. also, it looks static-like and really needs a graphical overhaul. i'm not asking for much but you could do a whole lot better. i see potential though. also, typing of the dead is copyright. maybe zombie Typer: 3D edition?

Disguisting zombie models the way it should be. (thumbs up)