Valbrook: Off Message

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Valbrook, our little web series about a small town and it's diverse citizens! Southern hospitality, soul food, high school football, drunks, veiled racism, boobs, zombies, cats, midgets, haunted mansions, bumfights, unlimited free parking--this town has it all! We're sure you'll think it's a hoot 'n a half!

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I don't get it. I feel like you could've done something funnier with a snake-handling church. Was it just satire on Southerners? Or religious institutions down South? Either way, too much talk went on at once to even hear what he was explaining.

Nice first episode, I am mad interested to see more!

The animation was sound, the sound quality was good but the character seemed a little monotone, the redneck was pretty funny but the dude in the black jacket had an annoying voice