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Mind It

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High Scores

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Author Comments

It doesn't get simpler than this!

Mine the green rocks with the green drill and the purple rocks with the purple drill.

Space bar changes drill head.

Note the portal at the bottom of the pit, it'll reset your position but with the same velocity you entered it.

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The games pretty good but it feels VERY simple but I like that approach but I wish there was some more content included with it and it was pretty laggy and my computer at least I consider high-end and it lacks accuracy and frustrated me when I hit the rock and I changed the drill and the hit box was slighty smaller or bigger which frustrated me. Aside from lag and other issues, this game is a good time killer but did not make me feel obligated to replay it so 3.5 out of 5.

zerosimms responds:

Hopefully my new version has addressed your issues, cheers for the feedback

A highscore of 8... nice.

I love the simplicity of the game! Two colors is exactly what we need, with one control to switch them. Nothing more, and heaven forbid if you can make it less.

It works great the way it is, however it was a little slow and laggy on my computer. It might be that the computer isn't too good, but it's only a bit behind modern systems that aren't intended for gaming. For the simplicity of the animation and graphics, it seemed rather odd that it was having trouble with this. This lag ultimately locks me at level 8, though I'm certain if I had smoother performance I'd be able to make it to 10 at least.

That said, performance issues aside, it could use even a little bit more eye-candy. I don't know what exactly, but nothing necessarily interested me in terms of graphical appearance. It'd be nice if the lower levels were actually deeper inside a cave and that the levels progressively changed, so that level 10 is a crystal cave or something!

Next thing, I wish the cubes had a better indicator where the drill "hit" mark is, whether it's a crack, line, whatever, it's a little difficult to gauge when it's safe to switch the drill and when it isn't. This isn't a problem up to Level 5, but at that point, I don't have the split second to think it through, and I have to work on reflex. It'd make it slightly easier while retaining a fairly high skill cap.

As someone before mentions, where is the game over screen? Or animation for a game over or something? It'd be nice to see the drill bit break (from drilling the wrong color) and then it shows a flashy game over screen. Additionally, can the spacebar also reset the game right there, instead of having to click the icon?

Also, can I map the switch key to anything? I'd prefer to use my left click instead.

4.5/5 What you have here is nice, and I'd like to see it improved upon! Will play this again when I can on my gaming system.

zerosimms responds:


Thanks for taking the time to write out your feedback.
I've made a fair few changes since the last release. Now when you hit a block it will turn grey, at this point it's safe to change drill. I've also (i hope) addressed the lag issue.
Oh and I've tried to add a bit more eye candy, level design changes slightly, lots of stars when successfully drilled a block and screen shake.
I've still got a few more ideas I want to play with :-)

Really loved it, fun game, my heart is beating from excitement.

zerosimms responds:


Fun little game, nice idea, a bit challenging. But there is too little diversity and it wears on you quickly.

zerosimms responds:

I understand, I'm thinking of some extras without over complicating the core game :-)

This is a simple, solid game!

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2012
5:06 PM EST