Hidden Dimensions Xyth

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100 plays 10 Points

play 100 or more games

15 awards 10 Points

Collect 15 different awards

200 actions 10 Points

Play 200 or more action

250 structs 10 Points

Play 250 or more structures

50 wins 10 Points

Win 50 duels

500 ships 10 Points

Play 500 or more ships

5K energy 10 Points

Generate 5000 or more energy

CA wins 10 Points

Win 10 games against Ca'anian decks

CC wins 10 Points

Win 10 games against Caes'cix decks

HU wins 10 Points

Win 10 games against Human decks

MT wins 10 Points

Win 10 games against Mith'ri'aeil decks

RD wins 10 Points

Win 10 games against Rift Demon decks

RV wins 10 Points

Win 10 games against Rivi'i decks

TM wins 10 Points

Win 10 games against Technomancer decks

XY wins 10 Points

Win 10 games against Xyloxi decks

250 kills 25 Points

Destroy 250 or more ships

25K damage 25 Points

Deal 25000 or more damage in total

500 awards 25 Points

Collect a total of 500 awards or more

Mythical 100 Points

Find a defeat all 8 mythical space creatures

Author Comments

Hidden Dimensions Xyth (HD Xyth for short) is the 3rd game in the HD series of sci-fi collectible card games. HD Xyth features more cards, new single and multiplayer gameplay modes and several storyline campaigns.

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No resizeable res 2014.

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Amazing game, copying MTG but making a good adaptation. Game is hands down overly difficult to the point that the game is generally unplayable. The game forces you to make your own decks and no matter what your enemy will be have everything better than you. This is based on my 2 1/2 hour gameplay experience. 2.5 stars for effort, unoriginal idea and poor gameplay. Badges are too difficult to get and just quite aren't worth the effort. With all this in mind the game still looks beautiful and plays quite fluently with no bugs or lag. The game might be worth checking out again if the AI level could be lowered to make the game intriguing for players just joining. This seems to be a game that will not let you win unless you put at least 7 hours of playing and losing. Not my or a lot of other's kind of game. Again 2.5 stars for effort, unoriginal idea, and poor gameplay.

In a rating below, someone mentioned how there are tons of medals and he isn't getting any. That strikes me as odd, because most medals are as simple as doing something a couple of times, like spending enough points of playing enough ships... is it fair to really dislike a game and still rate it?


The game costs nothing at all, so that's a plus. It's easily as enjoyable as the major cardgames our there, the system of play, the system of gaining cards and the system of making and sharing ones own campaigns all work really well, can't find a real flaw in them. Sad to see the multiplayer inactive, but that's no design flaw. I'd say this game is easily enjoyable enough for a 5 star rating.

I am enjoying this very much - finally a trading card game that doesn't cost anything. I was a big fan of magic tg, but they turn that into a marketplace. Here you have a daily spin of a wheel to get you a card (as well as winning games), and trade tokens for cards (which you get from trading in cards and winning games).

I would say that the new play intro can be offputting because there's just a wall of text on how to play the game in help (and I could be mistaken but I don't remember a tutorial), but if you've played a game like this before you can jump right in and learn that way. It's not that complicated, and I think they've balanced the difficulty just right, as well as bringing in a card merging/upgrading system I've never seen before which works nice.

I saw someone below me complain about medals. It's true - they're much harder than in most games on here to get, but when you earn them they are an actual achievement. As another minor criticism is the interface is sometimes not ideal - particularly when you need to swap cards out of your deck and save it in order to upgrade cards (and then put them back in afterwards), but other than that its simplicity works quite well.

This was really weird. Here I am playing a game that has tons of medals, but I can't win anything. I don't mean to sound whiny, but you had to get 100 games for one medal?! It's just that in this scenario I was expecting actual ships fighting each other. I'm not much for card games. If you are a fan of these kinds of things, then by all means, embrace this!

It's just too lengthy to get to anything. I'm very sorry to give you your lowest review score yet. The music and designs are great. It just seems too complicated to really get into. I acknowledge the fact that people love this, but it's just not for me.

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2012
7:42 AM EST
Strategy - Other
  • Daily 3rd Place November 26, 2012