Tower run

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You have to collect the coins and with each coin the score multiplier increases. You are safe in the tower and it will kill all the monsters but also resets your multiplier so think about what you want, an extra coin or live to collect more coins another wave.
This game was made in one day!

Thanks for all the comments, i'm currently working on a much bigger version of this game with other graphics, different monsters and you can use your coins to buy things.


This is very good for a first game. As you can tell from previous reviews the gameplay is rather bland. Also sound is non-existent which isn't always a bad thing, but I would say this game could use it. For graphics the game is pleasant looking even though it is not overly complicated.

So good job for first game, but I will only give 2.5 stars.

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This is a fun little time waster but I cant say that I would ever play it again.

It needs more. Things like different faster and stronger monsters and something to use your coins on.

I cant say that I particularly liked the art-style either. Its all just a borring yellow and tan mess thats semi-reminiscent of classic gameboy graphics. Except gameboy graphics weren't borring.

Its a nice start and has potential. But at the moment its not very good.

c'est un bon jeu mais un systèmes d'upgrade pourrait être un plus

les graphismes sont potable mais dans ce genre de jeu les graphismes ne sont pas important
le gameplay et simple et efficace

This game is monotonous, it seems to add nothing new to the genre.

Don't play this game.


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2.95 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2012
5:06 PM EST
Skill - Avoid