The Reluctant Messiah

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This is a parable inspired from the book "Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah". It's an absolutely brilliant book, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good read. It's rather short, and incredibly profound. It's Less Words, and More Meaning.

http://thespiritscience.n et/spirit/reluctantmessia h

This Parable is an interpretation of the idea that we are all great, and in this dense conscious world that we live in - we often get stuck "in the rocks" and don't even entertain the thought of a higher frequency of understanding. If we only let go, we can become free of all earthly suffering and transcend to a space where anything is possible.

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The song was a good choice. It's got a magical thing to it. I know this isn't your story but you pace things well and everything is easy to follow. I came here after watching a longer video of yours on youtube.

that was very nice, please continue with everything you are doing.

One of my favourite spirit science videos! What a great work have you done!

My only complaint is that you mention Jesus's quote at the beginning... Not that there is anything wrong with it itself, but in my opinion spirit science videos would be best presented without any reference to religions or existing or deceased humans, at least when it's possible!

It is just an annoyance that the existing believes or prejudices surface, and the message of the video could be tainted by them, as in my opinion, the video in itself is self justified, and does not need to rely on any pre-existent content whatsoever... Beautiful by its own right ;)

BTW, what is the music going in the background? Me, and surely many others, would like to know!

Jordan David!!
I am Silphet your absolute biggest fan in the whole world since about a year ago!
I never thought it would be possible to actually contact you until you started doing google hangouts and I got a huge inspiration to nonstop reach out to you until that one day when we finally meet.
To Jordan and everybody else reading.
A few years ago I was not the same person I am today, I used to hate, judge, and fear so many things, too many things to count. I was like many others, just a fish in the sea looking for a purpose.
Then I found Spirit Science, and when I watched them with an open mind a whole new world opened up to me. I was actually able to let go of all that hatred I held on to for so long, let go of the fears that I had.
Spirit Science and Jordan David have changed my life forever, I would even go as far as to say that Jordan David saved my SOUL. Without his videos I probably would have continued to hate, judge people, and fear and thus I never would be able to live this truly amazing life I've been blessed with.
To Jordan, I've been sending you messages for a long time now, I'm very patient and will wait it out until you one day respond to me. To Everybody else reading this I hope you don't close your heart off because it's actually much easier to do that than to open your mind. Are you somebody who likes to take the easy way out?

This patch parable on it's own is awesome and I loved the message about letting go, it seems that every new spirit science or spirit quest that comes out mirrors my life and tells me things that always relate to what is happening presently.

Jordan if you read this message you have no idea how much it would mean to me to be able to have a conversation with you. I'm like so inspired by you and I hope this is the start of a wonderful friendship.

A very good idea, and you gradient use is very well done. The story is profound. I like this, well done =)

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