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Mob Squad - Episode 1

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Hey Newgrounds!

Appsro here. This is the first episode of Mob Squad, our Minecraft based series. Yeah I know, another fuckin' Minecraft series. We need that like we need an asshole full of cancer... But we had some fun ideas that we wanted to see happen so we made it anyways. I wanted to do something that combined actual footage from the game mixed with animated characters. I think it turned out pretty good. Lemme know what you guys think. :)

If you enjoy my stuff then please sub to my youtube channel, jonnyethco


-Jon Etheridge
AKA Appsro

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woooo bod job creator the movie is awsome its like the real minecraft its just like your playing real minecraft pleas make more alot more episodes

Steve is going to get his shit fucked up

haha so funny luv the voices


Creeper: Hello Mr. Tree, Hello Mr. Grass. Hello, the-WTF!?

Spider: Where do you think then, that the block should go?
Enderman: Alright, were getting somewhere

Creeper: He killed the one! It was a holocaust

Enderman: We will not sleep!
Spider: We have to sleep, we gotta sleep

Skeleton: We're the goddamn mob squad!
Creeper: And we're gonna kill the mothe'fucker!

Hahahaha! Really great humor!
I love this series! Damn, it makes me wanna play Minecraft again.
Great work and nice animations, I love how mixing in-game background comes so naturally in your film. Amazingly done! Thanks, now I'm off to eps 2!

Instant 5 XD. Laughed my shit off XD