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The Last Dino

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One button adventure about a dinosaur's attempt at saving his kind by using a couple of abilities, but only one at a time.

You can also use keyboard keys:
SPACE -- action
S -- skip
R -- retry
P -- pause

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I finished the game with less than 50 deaths and I got an A rating. So I thought, just for the fun if it I'd try to finish the game with 0 deaths but after I did I only got a C+ rating. I'm never going to try and accomplish anything again.

5 stars for fun game play, balanced difficulty and ruining by aspirations.

Rarykos responds:

Wow congratulations :)
Hahaha I remember, I specifically made it so when someone gets 0 deaths it's a c+, as a little joke, but I never thought anyone would get it, you made me very happy today!

i complete the game

Tough little game :)

love this game. the gameplay is just awsome. it is so much fun to collect items and then reveal a puzzle at the end. nice work

Ermahgerd, thers germ serks derk! herherher