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Impossible Maneuvering

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MANY PLAYERS HAVE NOTED THE BRIGHT FLASHY COLORS IN THIS GAME, and have suggested that all players be warned of this in advance.

Navigate past strobing objects and deal with unexpected complications as you guide an object of unexpected size through a deathtrap.

All things considered, success is impossible.


Note: If you are experiencing delayed sound effects, this seems to be a problem caused by something other than the game. Please email me on this if anything of the sort occurs.

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Wow, I cannot begin to say how much I love your game, although I can't get pass the level where the "I'm worse than satan" death message pops up, this game has hilarious humor whenever you die and how this game was made, the controls, the idea. I love it. 9.5/10 because you should at least have a seizure warning at the starting page of the game or something about the losing messages. I think the losing messages are hilarious and I hope you don't change anything about this game.

UltraHammer responds:

Thank you so much! And good job on getting one level further than most people seem to be able to get.

I actually don't mind the changing colors at all, but I agree with other reviewers that some of the losing messages need to go, especially "I did 9/11"! Although they don't affect me personally, you are bound to get hate with messages like that. I didn't notice any delayed sound effects but after the music finishes (my song lol) it is stopped for almost a minute or two before it repeats. Is this to make things less repetitive? Otherwise you could just add more tracks to keep it going.

I like how each level has some unique twist, such as the expanding cube, the bouncing ball, and the one after the bouncing ball level where you have to stay in the black areas. (I haven't gotten past that one). However the bouncing ball level has a glitch - when you move to the bottom you die really fast and it makes the screen flicker until you move directly under the ball. Also, what determines how high the ball bounces? It seemed kind of random to me.

Overall I really enjoy the concept but some things do need to be worked out. This could be good!

UltraHammer responds:

Yeah stopping the music I hope will serve to give the player a minute to calm down and focus; feeling reinvigorated when the angelic melody returns.

i almost got a siezure on the sixth level jerk

Mah eyez!

The changing colors was pretty bad, in truth. Keep to similar color schemes, or make it easier on someone's eyes. I like the changing tactics towards avoiding the dead-zones, but like someone stated, all the losing messages are far too negative. They aren't funny at all. They made me want to close the game. Stick with something as simple as "Loser" or "You died!" Yeah, it's something slightly negative, but it isn't so bad that it's inappropriate for those who haven't played League of Legends or Call of Duty.

Also, I found I was able to cheat many of the levels by simply moving the mouse off the game screen . Even some of them, I could simply quickly move the mouse to the winning point to win.

UltraHammer responds:

Sometimes, cheaters deserve to win.

I like the nauseating backgrounds and the horrid inverse of colors. It totally messes with you. As for the "kill yourself" remarks, I don't really mind them so terribly. It's kinda more 'haha' than anything. I didn't get super far into it, but from what I was able to play, it seems pretty interesting.

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2.75 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2012
9:00 AM EST