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A Simple Melody: No Evil 004

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For better sound quality, visit my youtube, flash doesn't export audio as well.

While waiting on some assets for swingers and other projects I just did a practice drill. Faffing with the mic, learning to draw Calamity (Chalchiutlique, the lizard) Wrip (the rabbit) as they are a bit important for No Evil eventually. I know in future I'm gonna have to be able to do some stuff with voice recording I haven't done before, and I want that to be really good, SO I experimented with something easier, to get the kinks out.

Also It's snowing.

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Wrip's face at 1:17 is making me question who the true baddie of the series is.

Ya know calamity i so much cuter when she sings like that..... Don't tell.her i saod that. Dont whant her going glory on.me..... You will only inderatand that if you read the dirst book or graphic nobel of wings of fire

Thank you, this was nice.


I can always come watch your stuff, specifically Calamity and the gang, for a bit of uplifting spirit.

thank you for that. and a rag song! KUDOS.