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Christmas Objects in 1984

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Sorry if the ornaments that had colored eyes can only be in 10 colors, the random color script just wouldn't work. Same with the color skin of the ornaments, as there are also only 10 colors they can be in. But a lot of them are different in someway, so I guess that's good news, right? Don't be too rough on this, this is my first commercial parody that I worked on, and some backgrounds were hard to make! Also, the ornaments that portray the Thought Police came from the Target REDCard Hero commercial since the snowman and owl (or whatever bird it is) is so cute and I wanted to borrow them in a cartoon!

Big Brother Ornament and Announcer by VoiceActorFoSho

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For something well animated it felt like one of those commercials where you begin to hear about one thing and then it suddenly switches to speaking about something else entirely. So I am guessing that that what is shown beforehand is every object enjoying what they are before the tree destroys the monitor and we begin hearing Microsoft Windows 8 is being made?

The animation is solid and looks great. However, what was the point of showing rows of the ornaments twice in a row? Filler space? Could have shown one or two with defects for humor I suppose.

The story, as far as I can tell does not make much sense, since you being with ornaments... and then suddenly it is about Windows 8? Could give a better explanation of why that happens maybe.

The voice acting was terrific, sounds like they are truly selling their point across of putting some ideology into people's minds. The music was also nice and gave a feeling of kindness for the holidays.

Overall, great animation and voice acting. The story/commercial itself did not make as much sense.

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I'm confused. What would windows have to do with christmas???

Natty23 responds:

Nothing. In this commercial, it's Christmas objects recasting Big Brother, the heroine, proles and Thought Police.

For some reason, this cartoon made me extremely nervous. Also, I think you should focus on timing dialogue....

It's okay as a cartoon but as a parody, it's pretty bad.

The point of a parody is to imitate another work in a humorous light, whether if you're just throwing in a pop-culture reference or if you want to criticize the work you're parodying. This just seemed like an imitation of the commercial, with replaced characters.

The only real humor I could see in this was the Christmas tree smashing the screen and the screen exploding. There are 2 big issues I have with that scene:

1) When the hammer hit the TV initially, there wasn't even a crack. The glass has to crack when it's being hit.

2) The explosion looks pretty bad. It didn't fit at all.

That wasn't funny, by the way, though it might've been if you didn't spend most of the flash setting up the joke. The walking sound effect was too loud and was louder than what the guy was saying. This would be acceptable if what the guy was saying wasn't important, but since it appears to be an important part of the flash, why wouldn't you put more emphasis on it?

The texture for the ornaments looks gritty and awkward and just coloring them with the paint tool would make them look so much better.

0:43 is an example of over-using the tween, in real life if a Christmas tree turned around it wouldn't look like that. I'm not saying cartoons have to closely resemble real life but that looks very unrealistic and awkward.

When you spend a lot of time anticipating the joke, the joke isn't funny anymore. There are two scenarios that would've worked:

1) You cut out the scenes with the Christmas tree and whatever the guys with him are, and you just stick it at the end, where the joke is.

2) You leave those scenes there and when the Christmas tree throws the hammer, play with the viewer's expectations - it doesn't have to hit the screen. Maybe it could bounce back and hit him instead? Or maybe it does hit the screen, but it doesn't affect it and it just slowly slides off the screen.

You may want to actually try to be funny without using physical humor.

Natty23 responds:

Yeah, sound effects being loud, one thing that needs to improve in the future. Also, in the original, I don't think the glass shattered, or at least it didn't look like it. Also, 0:43 is like that since it's a flat ornament, but, yeah, I should do different poses. And yeah, the two humor ideas could've been used. I could've done better. I'll do a remake soon, and also, are you telling me that they look better with just plain colors? Thanks!

it Was Alright..But What Was With The Sound Effects?

Natty23 responds:

Thanks for the review, and besides, there was sound effects in the original too!