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Pixel Raid

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Left and Right Arrow Keys / A and D - Move gun
Hold Up Arrow Key / W - Shoot
Release Space Key - Use bomb

P - Pause, U - End Game, M - Mute, C - View Controls

Defend yourself against waves of a variety of enemies by shooting them, collecting power-ups and causing chaos with bombs. Upgrades are available as you progress through the game, and the Gun can be customized in-game; choose from a variety of skins to enhance your gaming experience!


Smooth controls and fun gameplay. Would like to see further development on alternate boss stages and more upgrades would an improvement!

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This game was actually a pretty decent game it could use tiny tweaks here and there but other than that it was a good game

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It needs work. I like games with upgrade mechanics, but there just isn't much to it in this one. Also, the game is just too easy. There just wasn't any risk of me dying at any point. If the game does get harder, after the upgrades are done, it happens to slowly to tell. I just killed after a while because it was boring. Apparently, only a few people were willing to wait longer.

The basic mechanisms are sound, and I would be interested to see more types of weird bosses like the frog. This isn't a great game right now but if you developed it further - more enemy variety, a few higher-res-yet-still-pixelated graphics - it could be pretty cool.

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Does the firing lag for anyone else??
P.S. the gun looks like a baby's penis

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Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2012
5:50 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight