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TMR: Hipsters

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---Woo for daily 3rd place :D Thanks to yall who voted---

Hey, do you like hipsters? Me neither! Watch this... its funny

The Morning Report, hosted by William Morningwood (No pun intended)

-Voiced by Maverick (FuzzyOzzy) + Eric (DahDoctow)
-Animated by Will (WillOG)

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It was pretty funny. Though, not as good as I was expecting. I think it was because of the hipster. He didn't look anything like the hipsters that I see everyday. So, I guess that kind of threw me off. Still funny though.

Not bad. It started off strong but I think the pacing really held this animation back. A LOT of the dialogue could have been cut... too wordy in places where it should not have been. Also, there are places where animation effort was dense (make animated frames in a short segment) but didn't need to be.

Even so, it was pretty entertaining.

William Morningwood here, I like this animation, and not just because I voiced in it. My voices changed a bit sometimes, but that's my fault lol.

WillOG responds:

OH GOD, William Moringwood himself!?

Im surprised you didnt tie in bracelet references in this video. Those damn hipsters and their bracelets.

WillOG responds:

Oh god i know what you mean haha ;L i was going to but as you can see i was very lazy with the animation of the hipster :/

First, you're attacking attention whores more then hipsters. Second, the plot has no real end or plot or fullness. You're creating an interview, but it seems like almost no questions were asked and if you wanted to do this propper you should have the hipster insult himself though clever wordplay. I mean that the questions Mr. Morningwood should ask, should explain in more fullness, why his interviewess actions are silly by way of asking how it makes him different, then maybe bring in others like him ask ask them to each describe why they do what they do and ask them how're they're actions are different. Play more on wordplay then with petty insults, it just makes for a better video

WillOG responds:

If i was going to make another one of these then i would use these tips but im probebly not, but thanks anyway

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3.02 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2012
9:08 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place November 12, 2012