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Boom Boom Fishing

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Big up yourself 5 Points

Complete one game of Boom Boom Fishing!

Bling Bling 1000 5 Points

Well done, you saved 1000 credits worth of loot.

Bling Bling 500 5 Points

Well done, you saved 500 credits worth of loot.

Boxed In 5 Points

Collecting boxes eh? Do you live on the street?

Gold Fish Killa 5 Points

Well that didn't take too much effort did it!?

It's a dirty habbit! 5 Points

Do you feel lucky punk?

Mind it 5 Points

Them fish better mind it, you just blasted them with your mines!

Read the small print! 5 Points

Well, that was a nice and easy achievement.

Blast from the past 10 Points

Sweet, you got all 1980's on them fish!

The Big 500 10 Points

Nice work!

Big Frigging Lazer 25 Points

HAHAHA, die little fishy, die!

Catch a puffer 50 Points

Nice one, you bombed that puffer right out of the water

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Welcome to the lake!

You are captain and commander of the ship 'Ages'.
Fitted with a cannon and with full air support on hand your goal is simple, blast the little fishy's out the water and collect the loot!

How to play:
Move your boat left and right. ('A' and 'D')
Fire your cannon so that your bombs land in front of the passing fish. ('Spacebar')
Build up 'kill chains' by killing fish without missing.
Call in air support to help blast them out of the water. ('Enter')
Use the slot machine to win perks.

That's right baby, blast the fishes!

P.S can you find the secret game?

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I don't know how to play the secret game. I hit arrows & A d but nothing happens

zerosimms responds:

Did you power it up? You have to drag the power switch to the on position.

click on one of the stars on the main screen and you find another game

zerosimms responds:

Shhhh, it's a secret!
The time you last in that game is converted into credits that you can spend on the slots :-)

This is a really fun game, and having been able to play this game from its beta stage to its proper release and seeing how far you have taken it since its original stages and graphics I can honestly say this is the best build yet and the most fun out of all of your previous games.

If you haven't played this yet, or have and have not come across the 'Space Invader' or some of the other air support options trust me when I say it will make you smile and laugh when you get them.
Also the way the drop zones for bombs, shields etc varies is good so it stops people hanging in one area and adds to the skill side of things, can you get across without taking a hit.

The slot machine with its bonuses is a good touch too, however regardless of how may times I've used it, I've never had more then 2 out of 3 on it... I'm just glad its not real and I'm not putting in money or I'd be in debt by now.

The hidden game isn't that bad but you know all the love and effort has clearly gone into the main game (which is a good thing).

The only reason I can't put a 5 out of 5 on this is because of the music. Don't get me wrong, it fits with the game, your clearly going for retro and the 8bit style music fits, its just annoys the hell out of me. There is nothing wrong with it, its just not to my taste and an option to play with sound effects but music muted wouldn't go a miss.

This game is fun to play, but there are some things that might ruin the gameplay.

>>How about a 2 seconds invincible mode (after your ship got hit by a "spike barrel")?
In some cases you lose all of your hearts pretty fast, because you are surrounded
by those barrels and can't move. Such mode adds a tiny bit more fairness.

>>How about a bit more space for the ship, to avoid the attacks?
I had several moments in the game, where you simply can't avoid the attacks.
Maybe you should also reconfigurate the way the octopus attacks.
Every new game seems to be totally different. Sometimes it's unfair and sometimes "pretty easy".

>>The slot machine
I played this game + - 15 hours ago (before you altered the slot game)
and 10 gems each "bet" was enough to play it forever. But 100 gems is too much imo.
When the slot machine took 10 gems each bet, I had at least "double hearts" and/or "double bombs"
(I never managed to get "double score" though). Now, I get nothing, except somtimes 3 gems in a row.
You should change the random principle.

>>Suggestions short:
- maybe 2 seconds invincible mode after ship got hit
- bigger level = more space to move/avoid attacks
- alter octopus' attacks
- maybe 30 gems for each bet
- alter slot machine's random principle

I'd really like to add this game to my favs. Like I said; this game is fun.

zerosimms responds:

Hey Catroonica,

Thanks for your feedback, I'm tweaking the game as I receive feedback so I'll be adding in your changes. I think most of what you have said has been said by a mate as well so it's good to have it confirmed.

I'm glad your enjoying the game, I'll do my best to get it configured right :-)

How does 50c a spin sound? I'll try and make the payouts a bit more often as well?

Now you have three seconds to get into a safe zone when hit by barrels :-)
The release of barrels has been tweaked
I couldn't increase the size of the level, but I did shrink the boat so you have more space
Bets are now 30c
I've made the spin pay out more, but it really is random so you may not see an obvious change :-)

Great game. I would like to see some sort of upgrade system for the bombs. Also, the casino could use a little work. I played it for a very long time and can only manage to get more gems... Other wise, this game did exactly what I wanted it to do. It passed some time.