The Wish Fish Family - Episode 13 - Go F--k a Duck!

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The Wish Fish Family - Episode 13 - "Go F--k a Duck"
Harold meets Duck Bill's mother and instantly falls in love. The two have an affair and wonder how long it will be before they get caught by their spouses.

I wrote the script for this episode in July 2012. Certain scenes are a tribute to the film "The Graduate".

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I can honestly say that I never thought an episode of the wish fish family would replace my favorite episode of the series, my two sons. However, this may be the best wish fish family ever made. It has the most clever writing, I honestly did not see that ending coming. It also has the best animation of the series and, as always, a top notch music selection.

Great work, Ryan, I cannot wait for Vol.2 to come out on DVD !!!

iF YOU GET OFFENDED u r stupood and I h8 u. ... tHE PACING N THE COMEDY WAS GR8