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Gnome Sweet Gnome is an awesome puzzle game where you must use your physics knowledge to solve tough puzzles! Your objective is simple; destroy blocks with your mouse in order to solve the puzzle! THATS IT! Also, learn fun gnome facts along the way. Simple, addicting, and challenging. What more can you ask for?

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The game is enjoyable, but some of the levels are just... kind of silly. The physics is hard to get a feel for, so wheel-based levels are more frustrating than anything. Also, when you have a mute button, I *really* expect it to also get rid of the explosion noises. That's pretty damn annoying. But, it is rather well made, and reasonably original, so I can't act like I think it's bad.

Not bad, but medals don't work. Fix this, please, and PM me.

Good game for relax

five stars for this great game :D but there can be more lvls made like in angry birds each week/ month will be new lvls come but i like this game allot thats why i rated five stars

Well, it is a nice puzzle game. Graphics are fine me. I've got no sound here, so no opinion on that.

Unfortunately there are quite a bunch of bugs.
1. Dunno if I use wrong setting somehow but I lose all the progress made when reloading the game. So everytime I come back I have to start over.
2. Medals don't work.
3. It seems pressing the replay button does not set back the destroyed stone count. So if you need multiple approaches for a level you definitely and up with 1 star. And it's kind of awkward trying again and getting 3 stars for the same solution.
4. Destroying to many stones in one go breaks the game. If you destroy all stones in lvl 2 in one go for example you are stuck. Replay button does not work anymore and pressing the menu button resets the screen, but without any changes.

So this was kind of annoying and I guitted after trying the first 10 levels or so. I might try again later if some of the bugs are fixed.

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2.07 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2012
1:08 PM EST
Puzzles - Other