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The Haunted Pumpkin

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This is a short animation, made for a Halloween competition. But couldn't upload it in time due to a bad internet connection. So i decided to create a menu and upload it here.

Halloween is usually filled with ghouls, witches etc but this time it has haunted a pumpkin... see what it gets up to!

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To see the video go to
http://youtube.com/user/z eebraification

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Funny cartoon hahaha :)

Their voice is so weird!

Zeebra responds:

The Zombie voices from Hell

This was extermely short. Your menus really take away from the experience. You put all that work into having sound events, sketches, and an interactive title screen - that once you hit play for the second time and hide the mouse pointer as best as you can the animation is already over. I honestly thought the credits were the intro to the animation but I was sorely mistaken. I know animation is not easy - and people animating game grumps and getting so much publicity can really hurt when you're taking the time to make your own great original content but this really falls short.

The backgrounds were great, the animation was a bit choppy but the drawings and color palate came really close to making up for that. I was expecting to see some beautiful Disney style animation but - I didn't get to see it. I would be really happy if you had problems exporting the flash and got the wrong file with a minute or two of move missing. I know that isn't the case though.

I'm guessing you really want to animate as a career with all your contact info in this. I can see that happening no prob - but duration is a part of that though.


I checked and saw you did this in four days. If you had a longer time I'm sure you would of made something special. Just keep at it. If I were you next time I'd design several different scenes w/ the pumpkin dancing. You could of used colors to illustrate emotions and themes. The pumpkin could do the same dance loop from place to place w/ a dif background in each of course.

Yada yada. Its a good start for sure. I'm glad you're still hungry for more though. From what I'm learning animation is as much as an internal struggle as just doodling and writing shit thousands and thousands of times over. Can't think of a proper conclusion for the review. I dunno. Good luck and bye. Hope to see some more fun stuff from you in the future.

Zeebra responds:

Atomlad i really appreciate your review and all the points you raised. It really cut down to the heart of the problems, it is refreshing to get an outside opinion. I tend to live in my own mind but i will definitely look at putting more work into my animations in future.

Though the animation/art felt weak, the little extras you put in there were actually pretty good. The sketches in particular were cool to look at. I think your inclusion of "extras" is an excellent idea.

Zeebra responds:

My action scripting skills were very rusty but the extras made it extra special. Looking back, I actually spent more time on the menu than on the animation :]

This animation is funny to watch with a pumpkin wearing a bloodied dress to a party,it is more like a melon with gender issues.However,its short length and the lack of any real plot are letdowns,maybe it should have been made longer even it was for a competition that you missed(sorry about that) and that Halloween has long ended.Maybe a good starter could be how the pumpkin became haunted and how people would react to this when they find out the truth.Be creative with these ideas or any of your own and that should make a pretty good piece of work.It will take longer and is a lot harder,but in the end,it is worth it.If it is fine by you,a second part would be greatly appreciated.Good work on this and good luck!

Zeebra responds:

Thank you very much Mchectorll, for your indepth and helpfull review. The animation part was completed in 4 days and the menu took a few more days therefore it has been uploaded so late.
Keep your eyes peeled for more Ani-Motion

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2.50 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2012
5:09 AM EST