Delura EP 001

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ORIGINAL PUBLISH DATE (on YouTube as "tndstudios"):
January 21, 2011

Delura Trailer on Newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com /projects/movies/621194

You can check out our website at delura.tanadrine.com for additional content, comics, and other stuff!

--Ryan Roye
All visual elements
Vocals for mineship coworker

--Taben Roye
Vocals for Aiden
Additional story
Concept artwork

The graphics on this episode are quite dated, but they get the point across. I have no current plans to re-do the earlier Delura episodes; I'd rather spend my time and energy producing better looking new content :)

Created with Lightwave 9.6, Flash CS5, Audacity, Ulead Video Studio 11


Aiden makes his way to the worksite he's assigned to. As usual he's running late, but something doesn't seem quite right today.

Hundreds of miles beneath the Tor planet's surface lies a place where TIMCO (Tanadrine Interplanetary Mining Company) has established large network of interconnected tunnels made to collect and process condensed energy crystals which are used to power everything from the smallest device to the largest of cities.

There are many challenges in regards to harvesting these crystals, however, as the energy they expend can easily disrupt any form of wireless communication. Because of this, no aspect of automation can be employed reliably... much to the delight of highly skilled professional mineship operators.

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Not bad at all. Art's ok and I assume it can only get better. The POV worked, reminded me very much of the old Descent game trilogy. If only I could award stars for nostalgia :P

It's a good movie overall, but the voice acting made her sound like she was about to cry. Also the ship acted like it was glued together...

amazing work. i never saw stuff like this outside my head OR Newgrounds ;P

not saying that your ripping off my ideas, just that i REALLY love what you did here, and the sound is very appropriate considering the lore and background you've put into the story.

Fix your audio clarity, dammit!!!!!!!

Otherwise nice job.

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Will do! Hopefully you will notice an improvement in EP 003 and onward. If not, I want to know... as i've slipped up with audio before and want to avoid it in my latest content.

I love Delura. Originally saw it on Youtube.