Super Series: Episode 1

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NEW SERIES! If you leave a comment on the video, stating which character you'd like to see, there's a chance it will happen.


For some reason the protagonist reminds me of Jason from Home Movies.

These jokes are slightly funny and could go somewhere. I think what is needed is to work on the timing and sequencing in which the joke is presented in its deliverance. Also, the Pikachu shitting thing is way too over-rated by now....or even at the time of uploading. That's my least favorite part of the vid. Voice acting is great though!

Thanks for the follow and will definitely check in and look at your progress, dude.

Seems a little like you're trying to immitate the style of Leo and Satan with these animations. It's not bad, humour is quite random... which I expect on this website. Your animation skills are ok so I've no doubt that with more practise you'll improve and maybe if you're really focussed become one of those über smooth animators. We shall see!

PM me if you want to chat about animation stuff, I'm always willing to chat to people.

djDurgyDurg responds:

I appreciate the review, okay compared to what? I did message you by the way !

I think it was pretty funny, it doesn't have to be super funny just sumthin to make you giggle. I would like to see squirtle in the next series. ALso good job, i liked it!!!!

djDurgyDurg responds:

thank you! happy to be your first movie review!

So I liked it and all, but why rated A?

djDurgyDurg responds:

i don't know what the big deal is with ratings, i've put up movies with Nazi babies burning down Synagouges and people flip when i don't mark this as mature, or get angry when I rate it A. just enjoy it!

lol its funny but drawings needs to get better guy

djDurgyDurg responds:

they will, don't you worry!

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2.88 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2012
2:23 AM EST
Comedy - Parody