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Empty Room Escape

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Author Comments

Empty Room Escape is a subkind of quest games, where you find yourself in a locked room. The room is almost empty and it's not so easy to find hidden places. Explore the room clicking on the different objects, find the items that can help you open locks and solve the puzzles.

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Well ... dangerous

ok the close -> trick puzzle was way too hard. way way way too many ways to interpret close and those #'s. to even think u need to combine them.. and then to know which way you were going with the high number of degrees of freedom in that puzzle.

too hard. puzzle either needs to be simplified or made more obvious.

Good puzzles and generally professionally created game, however the pixel-hunting and one poorly programmed puzzle left me turning to the walkthrough to keep me progressing.

This is a good game, and you have created a smooth, good looking project, however I found the pixel-hunting very frustrating. Things I did not find by myself were: the lock in the side of the mirror (never would have found that), the pole above the door, and also the hidden numbers on the back of the board. So well hidden were those last numbers, that even when I saw them on the walkthrough and tried to go take a look at them, I couldn't find where I was meant to click and assumed bad programming had blocked me out (later on I discovered the tiny spot I was meant to click and went and took a closer look).

Okay, so pixel-hunting aside the game performed well. The final cypher puzzle was pleasing (I solved it immediately but it was still a good puzzle), artwork, sound and atmosphere are excellent, the controls and room transitions well designed so as not to be frustrating. Now, the puzzle that annoyed me was the chess knight one. Again, I solved it immediately...however, there are two initial moves that knight can make, and I kept going along the one you had not chosen, and completing the puzzle that way which did not open the box. I understood the logic of the puzzle, but because I had not gone the specific path you wanted I was left with nothing, eventually assuming my logic was wrong and finally resorting to the walkthrough...which made me groan with frustration when I realised I had been right all along. Could you not please also program it to work both ways from the initial moves, instead of just one?

This review sounds like a big rant, but really it's because I am really enjoying your work and thing with a few changes and a couple of hidden areas becoming a little easier to find, a good game could become a great game.

A letter to Krutovig.
You are a bastard. You are a complete and utter bastard, and I love it. God damn you! I saw the error, I saw it and I bloody well dismissed it. And then I thought, "oh well, my phone must be having a moment, I'll just google it" and lo and behold, the answers been staring me in the face the whole time!

You did a lot right on this one, but I do have a few complaints, (think of them as "suggestions"?). Firstly, too much pixelhunting. I know it's pretty much a staple of point'n'click, but it can be avoided, and looking at the quality of the rest of the game and the thought that must of gone into it, I'm sure you would be able to find a way around it.

The other complaint could either be more or less serious, depending on who you are. For me, it was fine, but for others it may turn a reasonably clever puzzle game into an incompletable challenge. I think this is why you've caught so much flack for the chair puzzle. Some of your puzzles are knowledge based, as in to complete them the player must know one piece of information or another. While this can be interesting, in the greater scheme of things I would say it proves inadvisable. Someone could be a genius, and still find themselves stuck because they don't know what they have to know. Other puzzle games that use information in this way, such as notpron, always give hints as to where to find the information, and actively support the use of google while attempting to find the answer. If you need certain information to solve a puzzle, you need to make it clear that extra knowledge is needed.

Apart from that, pretty damn good. Well done, I'm looking forward to more from you.

This was an absolutely terrible escape the room game. Rule of thumb: pixel searching is not the same as solving a puzzle. Scouring the corners and sides of objects for the smallest sweet spot to click is not fun, nor is it "challenging" -- it's tedious, boring, and obnoxious.

2 stars for the effort that went into the graphics and the control system, but 3 star penalty for modeling your escape game after Where's Waldo.

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2012
11:47 AM EST