Escape from the Thing

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While running from the THING, you corner yourself in an attic. You need to make sure it can not break down the door and get in - then you have to make your escape.


I have never been a fan of point and click adventure games. I actually really did like this game's layout. The CGI is fairly good. I like the idea of working in a small room. It comes off as more realistic than most of these games. It's mostly because it's literally three dimensional.

Well, blocking the door didn't stop the monster from coming in. At least I tried! I couldn't seem to grasp a lot of stuff. It was still interesting. You guys always have a variety of games.

If this was your first game, good job. It lacks some skill though, and it also was kinda difficult to tell if you just had to click stuff, or if a hand would appear when you could grab something. I also could not tell if I had fixed the ladder until I just tried to go up. It definitely could use some work, but appearance was pretty good.

its ok

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Game is good but unless the walthrough was there i would never have figured out that the ladder is fixed just by clicking on it after haveing the hamer and nails togather. There needs to be some things that tells you the ladder is safe to use now. Other than that it was a very interest and short excape game. some how I wish it was longer.

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I'm not very good at this kind of game, but I think it can make it.

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3.13 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2012
3:22 PM EST
Adventure - Other