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It's Going Growl!

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Author Comments

So, I received some good criticism from my last video and I made a lot of improvements. This is actually the third animation I ever attempted to do because I mostly make films.

Since the compression is SUPER high there might be some frame rate drops but you can always enjoy this video in HD on my youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=skyBFn_i0K4

Anyway, I hope this a lot funnier and enjoyable than the first!

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Alas, as others have said the flash just played far too slowly and messed up the syncing (though that may be the fault of my computer?). So i watched it on youtube.

The animation itself was very slick, the voice acting decent, and the music great too. I think your humour is slightly off and a bit slow. It doesn't really flow. I enjoyed the Pikachu joke but it was a bit drawn out before the punchline. There was no explanation as to why Charmander wouldn't obey Ash. The "she was diggin' it" quote was funny too!

So, battle commences - Pika's lazing off and doing his thing - charmander comes out and uses growl, but misses. Then maybe capitalise on how the heck growl (a sound) can miss a target!!! And then maybe have your badass squirtle come bop dugtrio on the head. Your animation looks superb and sounds superb, next just try work on the flow so it feels more natural. Good work!

izakdawxact responds:

Thanks a lot for your compliments and criticism! I really appreciate you taking the time to give me your thoughts! I also see how the pacing of the animation should be better. I think it will take a couple of attempts to execute the groove I desire but comments like this motivate me to try harder. So, thanks and I hope to see you on my next vid :)

The style of this animation is very unique, which I love. I just didn't really understand any of the audio. Didn't get what the female trainer was saying, and I made out about 50 percent of what the trainer said. The jokes had me smiling, but I wasn't laughing much. I still enjoyed it though.

Next video I would consider A) Buying a better mic or B) Look for some voice actors on Newgrounds to help you with the dialogue. Keep up the good work!

izakdawxact responds:

I agree with what you are saying. The audio has been a major obstacle in my animation endeavors. I feel very comfortable with my style and I am stoked see that you liked it! I would like to have someone do voice acting that actually embodies the character. I am fairly new to this site, so if you could let me know how to go about doing that that would freaking awesome! Thanks a lot!

The animation is good , it remindes me of the tv shows that my little sister looks , so a tv animation!And it's a good thing! But the audio is off sync so i didn't understand real well the story , funny? Not that much but i loved the part where charmander ran off to get the ice cream! 3.5 Stars for you!

izakdawxact responds:

Your comment really bloated my ego lol. TV quality animation? Wow, thanks!! The audio thing is such a problem because I am still trying to figure out a good way to translate 50 fps movie files to flash files at the 20mb requirement. I wish I could feature the full quality of the video on NG but I am sure there is a way I can do it without sacrifices the audiences' experience. Anyway, I will try my best to make sure I tackle all the issues in your post! Thanks for your time!

Animation was good but the audio is wayyyyy of sync.

izakdawxact responds:

thanks for the feedback! I guess I will have to start making flash at 29.97 fps so that there are no drop frames :)

whats up with the audio track? its def waaaay off timimg

izakdawxact responds:

It runs at 50 fps, so you might experience some problems under some circumstances. Try watching it again or watch it via youtube. Thanks!

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2012
3:07 PM EST