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Hiryo's Debut

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Author Comments

Another one for you kirby lovers out there!

He is called Hiryo and well, he's a ninja ^.^

This took, Way too long to do lol, so the end is VERY rushed.

Anyway, enjoy the vid and leave me a comment

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SECKS!!!!! inpiration at its finest!!!

So boss! Props for the custom kirby sprites and for making an interesting story driven fights amidst boring fights.
I am not being a kiss-ass i just respect those way better than me.

I actually think that the style you're trying out here is quite interesting, to say the least. As someone mentioned previous, yeah, the brief little voice clips in-between dialogue give it a sort of old video game type of feel to it, which is nice. :p

Obviously the actual voice acting could be better, but the overall feel was definitely nice.

So, here's my two cents. First, overall great job (hence the 4.5). Personally, I like the voice bites, it gives it a game cut-scene feel that seems appropriate. On the downside, there seems to be an interesting underlying story here, but it is a little too hidden. Either way, I hope you keep to your word on the whole to be continued bit unlike SOME people I know. Because I see a lot of potential here. Keep up the good work

There's so much fighting I got bored because of the lack of story. It's the first time I've seen one of your animations, and I couldn't finish it at first, but then I thought "What the heck, lets review at least for once", so I finally saw it.

I see you are creating a new fictitious universe with this. When presenting something new usually you have to help the spectator to locate the scene, the characters or/and the actions in order to understand what's happening.
YOU HAVE A FEW MINUTES to convince the spectator this is a good show, if not a lot of the people will stop watching an probably thinking "Another shitty sprite animation with a lot of fighting and nothing interesting to offer", don't judge me wrong, I've never been a sprite hater. Let me explain:

When this starts the spectator will identify a bunch of characters that somehow must be related, but you didn't explain this, then a fight begins. Let's supose it's a 4 min animation, the fight last at least 3 min without cuts. What makes a story interesting is the degree of conflict you can find in it. If the only conflict you give the spectator is a fight on which eventually every character will get involved without a strong motivation that support the action with logic, a lot of people will stop seeing it and keep browsing NG.
You don't need to explain what is the story about, just to convince people that the characters are real enough to believe what they are doing is defined by their personality. You provide every character of a personality but you threw them in the scene randomly whithout answering why they do what they do or at least who are they to act like that.

The lack of backgrounds and voices didn't help neither. The repeated backgrounds may make the spectator loose the sense of location and feel misplaced in the events. Also to deprive some characters of a voice acting will make the spectator to think of them as way irrelevant than the ones who have, not to mention that without a tone for what they say comes the loss of personality. Also repeating them so many times is kind of annoying.

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say and that this will help you with the next part.

Beside all of the above the animations are pretty well done and the sprites give a sensation that it's something new and promising (even though the style isn't of my taste). You try to make it funny sometimes, but it looks like there's no time enough for that.The rest of the soundtrack it's pretty good, every sound effect are perfectly timed and with the music really came toghether.

xKAreloadedx responds:

Thanks for taking the time to actually review this :) and I'll have you know that I understand EXACTLY where you are coming from! The voices are not all there, and the story has not been explained at all and honestly, this is only about 50 % done, the reason I uploaded it was because this is part of a collab and was an opportunity to give a glimpse of this character. That was the DUE date for this, but the movie itself is not NEARLY complete. I can assure you that I will take everything that you've said into consideration and if you would wait for the second part which comes out before christmas, where everything will be explained and the confusion cleared up :P and hopefully I can get a 5/5 rating from you too!

Thx for watching!

Credits & Info

4.71 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2012
1:53 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place November 5, 2012