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Casual Physics Puzzle.
Light up all the Lamps with Energyball.

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great game im sure but the time limit is ridiculous. im not much for repeating what others say and for writing long letters

A really cool concept! My only problems are that you don't introduce new concepts to us, so we have to figure out by trial and error. Also, when you beat a level, why does it take you back to level select every time? I think it's weird that we have to pick the next level, as though forward progression would ever change. The electric sound effects also kind of get on my nerves, as does the repetitive music. Finally, there are a few "puzzle holes" I found, where you don't have to follow the puzzle's steps in order to win. Perhaps this was your intention, to see if anyone would notice, but I found no change in my score. For instance, with a little bit of work, you can fire one ball OVER the puzzle on level 3 and land it on target. In any case, this is a really cool idea, and it was pretty well executed! Great work!

That was entertaining, although while this is supposed to be a puzzle there is way too much randomness. The large balls that seem to send the ball back in a random direction makes this more chance than problem solving which is why I'm quitting the game after level 5. Not that it was unbearably annoying, but I'm looking for games that are won by thinking things through.

I have to admit it took me way too long to understand how to control the strength of the throw. Having some sort of visual feedback on how charged the cannon is would probably be a good thing.

It's a pretty cool concept. I almost walked away on level 5 for a few reasons.

I didn't realize that the power of the shot depended on how far away my cursor was. While this may seem obvious, there are many games like this that all handle it a bit different. Some games have max power on every shot regardless of where your mouse cursor is. Some games determine the power based on where the cursor is. Some games have a power meter that goes up/down based on how long you hold down the button.

I'd suggest something like in Fragger where you can see a visual representation of how much power you're putting into your shot.

The other problem I have is that the white glowing is too much for my eyes. I even tried it with some dark sun glasses and it's still too bright. I'd tone down the level of brightness on the glowing white parts.

I'd also like to know exactly how the hell the black holes work. Is there some kind of strategy to get them to launch where you want it or is it all random?

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3.96 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2012
3:18 PM EDT