The Ginger Punch

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I am currently a first year multimedia student.This is my first ever animation that I did for our semester project. We had to create a 1 minute animation about anything. Immediately I had hundreds of awesome complicated plans and ideas.. which I soon found out were limited by ability and experience. So after a million restarts and deletes I decided to leave them for when I know what I'm doing and choose something simple that I,sort off, could pass of as an animation.

The idea in this animation came to me when.. Well too be honest I have no idea how it came to me. It just happened and somehow I ended up with a weird looking guy(Who I shall name Bruce Lee) and a ginger on my screen. So I threw a ginger punch and decided to resurruct the World trade Center, I took it from there and made the world a better place.

I am pretty new to art and drawing so I know the visuals require some work. And I am sure the animations will improve over time as I acquire more experience. So until I can produce something worthwhile enjoy my attempts.

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for your first animation. its really good. hard work paid off! liked how you put different thing in a simple punch.!

Stereotypical to the degree of none belief yet satirical in the sense that one "gingerpunch" could change the world,a pain to the red-headed yet 'playground fun' to the most of us,I felt inspired by your soundtrack and sat at the edge of my seat waiting to see what will change next(I was expecting the fall of twilight's fame but alas dreams can't always come true),a true miracle worker abate only digital.Seeing as it was your first animation I see potential,please make it a trilogy.Best of wishes and may your animating future be colorful and filled with more rounded line.

wow! your first animation? my first was stick figures in trees that looks like broccoli. and I'm quite an expert nowadays. this is really great! definitely lots of potential! keep up the good work! (P.S. love your ideas. and your sense of humour reminds me of me...) can't wait for your next submission.

Hehe baie funny

Humour and tragedy artistically entwined. Soundtrack is inspirational and almost forces you to believe that Bruce Lee could've unsunk the Titanic, raised the Twin Towers and saved Hiroshima had stereotypical games, i.e. Ginger Punching, existed in his lifetime.

Cultural reference to sacrificion for the greater good is adequately euphemised and humourised.

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5.00 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2012
6:25 AM EDT
Comedy - Original