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Stretching it

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Whew! had my storyboard and animated it in 3 Days! Thank Goodness I finished. Well, enjoy and please review, it's very appreciated. By the way, this is my second animation and I hope to improve.

All of the sound is from freesound.org and the music is from incompetech.

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Poorly drawn, and the mouth shapes were scriblles, plot was fucked. you need to write some easy to understand material, and take more time with each drawing. 2 stars for some ambitious effort

BSTHEDOG responds:

Yeah, I definitely needed to take more time with this one and plan it out better. I hopefully wont be making my next animation due on a deadline. Thanks for the review!

It wasn't bad especially for one of your first animations it was an overall good idea with great voice work and sound fx, but the animation obviously needs work (which will come with practice) along with an interesting backround thats appealing to the eye (it can be a still image but it just has to be appealing), and you need to work on making smoother animation at points they seemed a little stiff and/or not very natural

Happy Halloween!!!

BSTHEDOG responds:

I definitely agree with you. The backgrounds for this look like shit and are lazy as hell. Thanks for the review!

Well how can I start this.

First things first is I kind of did not understand it, you could of spent more time on it planning it as it
quite confusing. Maybe you should of started a bit more earlier.
The voice acting was not the best, The characters had no emotion at all. A animation is not that good if the characters have no emotion at all.
The animation did not have much detail. You should of also focused on the items around the house as well as the people in it.

Still it is pretty good for your second animation.
Just remember that all the best Animators on this website started just like you. If you keep improving and take advice from reviews and comments, you can animate like a pro.

BSTHEDOG responds:

Yeah, there were definitely things that I could have improved. I feel as though the backgrounds would've confused people because I literally only spent around 30 minutes on them and put no detail and care into them. Starting earlier would've been the right thing to do though. Anyways, Thanks for the review!

Really good for only your second animation. The musical selection during the "transformation" scene had me cracking up; Really twisted and fun.

Much luck with your animation future!

BSTHEDOG responds:

Thank you!

A pretty nice ride, funny idea, although you can tell it was made in 3 days.
How about making this animation again, only this time, take 6 days. You already have the storyboard, now focus on making everything look a little sweeter, add some shade to the characters, some detail to the background. For example, a wooden frame around the door, and fix the '2 shades of blue' background wall! (decorations, a see-through window)
Might sound like a drag, but it'll be a great comparison, and maybe you can add some other gags while you're at it!

BSTHEDOG responds:

Well, I would consider that if I released this before Halloween but I feel it would lose its purpose of being a Halloween flash if I re -released it 6 days later. Anyways, thanks for the review!

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2.88 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2012
11:18 PM EDT