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Johnson Lonesome Skeleton

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I set myself a pretty ambitious timeframe to finish this, I only had the idea a week ago and usually it takes me MONTHS to finish a animation from concept, storyboard, to completion.


I realise that towards the very end a few of the drawing could be cleaner, but that's because today I didn't bring my graphics tablet along and had to use the mouse :) Besides that I'm very happy with it overall. Especially considering I did most of it in 4 days, but constructive feedback is always appreciated.

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haha sad but hillarious ending lol and nice music:)

Very well done animated short.

The plot was good in that the skeleton only wanted a friend yet everyone ran away before getting to know them simply because they were a bunch of living bones. Nice to see the next day that the one child recognized them and befriended them... before the dog took a leg bone to chew on. Funny way to end it.

The animation was also very good. The only issue I see here was the thought process piece, you have three tiny bubbles then the giant bubble overlaps one of them. Would look cleaner to remove the third bubble leading up to the thought. Aside from that, very clean looking.

The audio was diverse and fit each part well. Another issue was since they are outside all along at the start, would have made since to leave the outside sounds even when they met the skeleton.

Overall, only two slight problems but looks fantastic.

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glad you uploaded it, looks a lot better with the FPS bump!

5's from me!