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Uggin it

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Author Comments

Press R for Rammstein and T for me on any frame!

This one is "spam" because I made it for the "Consider enslaved Wrangler adult females overshoes" Spambot game jam. It was a lot of fun and I am actually happy that the contest spoke to me.

http://www.glorioustrainw recks.com/node/4281 if you wanna see other beautiful entries.

Write up..

In UGGIN IT.. You are uggin it.. You have to become one
with the ug, the community, and doing so you get the
commemorative UG BOOTS.. Music in the TGF2/Newgrounds is original music by me, or you can switch to RAMMSTEIN. So choose carefully between Fangman or Seamann. It just kinda happened that way.

I suppose at this point the point of the game is to get the boots of course... the UGG boots. because females shouldn't become enslaved by men's wear, they themselves now have boots made for them. It will make everyone happy, and that we have to consider..

I tried to load this up with more frames even if it doesn't deliver like hillbilly bongo school or prehistoric dungeon family, I wanted this one to have its own flow.

Frame 1, title screen, play some chessers, or cherkess, show me your moves...

Frame 2 Sometimes it takes a tall glass in the sky to understand what we are looking for in an adventure. Sometimes you're caught up trying to decide what to expect that you don't take the time to watch and find out what you're looking for in any adventure, yours or hers.

Take 3 is all about the DOGS... GET those dogs out of trouble and put the bees back in the kennel and let the dogs have their castle! Thanks go to Newt for the backdrop and level inspiration.

Shot 4 is just a simple little animation about how houses move down fast and get relocated at an x-y coordinate that's random, or in this case near the top-left of the screen. Cutscenes put pacing in the game.

Chapter 5 aww man, just look at that bell. If I had a bell like that I'd wanna ring it ... And I did. I miss that bell, but now you can ring it too. If you find this bell out there, it's a really good value for what it does, just look at that design!

Break 6 Bathroom break, sometimes games and adventures need bathroom breaks.. You never see them happen. One great adventure was the godfather, that was a good scene. I mean, Michael Corleone sometimes needs to visit the bathroom for whatever reason, so yeah, just pick your weapon of choice and do your business. Don't worry, it's not graphic.

Flower 7 Now all the time I'm seeing burglars trottin around on television. Maybe if people gave them flowers more often they'd be less likely to commit these crimes. So pass the flowers on, they'll dig it probably, and enjoy the gesture. Give a flower

Cutscene 8
Just another cutscene, it's random as in each time it changes.. enjoy it, however it turns out, I hope it will inspire you.

Live at tan 9
Man you just need to sometimes take a break and get a tan, and with this you can really get a gist of that. I'm sure there's plenty of tanning minigames out there, this one just grazes upon them and adds a twist.

Another Cutscene 10
So really I just kinda took all the frames and added empties in there and filled them in.. So you've got the sunset era of the same outdoors.. another little cutscene. And you can click on the trees and have them drop tumbleweeds.

This is the big game, BUNNY SOCCER... SELF EXPLANATORY but i mean, like if you're playing against a giant froggy, you have to improvise on the goals.. So they're playing with the goals being a washing machine and a stovetop. first to 20 wins.

Frame 12
Just another cutscene.. This time it's the night... a little reflection of time changing.

Frame 13
This is the end.. You finally get your ugg boots.. but if you really want your THE END you can click on the birdie on the bottom of hte screen..

Frame 14

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Really bad, like your other games

I only came here for Rammstein, WHO THE FUCK CAN DISLIKE THEM? Just because you don't understand them doesn't mean they are terrible! Idiot who said that. T_T Any ways yeah, not so great a game, sorry man, it doesn't make any sense, just random flash and Rammstein, I did like that though. I give it a 1, 1 half for trying and the other for Rammstein.

ghettoflower responds:

Wow, I was WAITING for someone to call someone out on that and I didn't want to be first. I really appreciate this review. I included an out of game step-through over what's going on. It was hard to make and was the last game in that engine that I've done. Despite it I'm proud of it and I'm glad someone pointed that out. I understand if you rip on my music as everyone has different tastes, but Rammstein is another story. They're one of those bands that even converted to midi it's an amazing listen just to hear it done another way.

Anyway thank you again, I've gotten better/worse over time and this one was helpful.

What is this, is it a game ? I don't think so?
Build a story, make some effort to your job, and respect the people who will see your skills.

this isn't even a game it's a place to move your mouse around while listening to terrible music.

What the heck...

Credits & Info

0.63 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2012
1:45 AM EDT