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Anthro:Animating the Soul

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Help me raise support for my feature film project. Perks start at just $1.
Anthro: Animating the Soul

What makes non-human characters more human than us?
Journey with us as we meet the amazing creators of these fantastic creatures in film, fiction, and fandom.

The film's goals:

- Interview talented animators, artists, puppeteers, imagineers, and writers.
- Meet interesting individuals who have been inspired by these characters.
- Research why anthropomorphism is such an integral part of human culture.
- Create an entertaining High Quality HD feature length film with a "PG" rating.

This film's other goals are to be captivating, inspirational, and fun for all ages and people from a wide variety of cultures.

View the trailer and find out more:

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seems cool ill help spread the word. Also get a kickstarter?

It's nice this video gives a good explanation of humanity and how animated beings are often more a means of bringing life to the human soul and humanity than making a mere petty image or object. However the animation at a point goes solely to a donations cause not thouroughly explained outside the video, making it unexpected popping up in the video.

id love to donate my friend but moneys tight and each dollar i have goes to supprting my family but my heart goes out to you my friend hopeing you reach your goal and then the stars -sincerly, Fenrir wolf "the gentlemen werewolf"

This seems more of an advert that belongs on Kickstarter than something for Newgrounds. Otherwise, it is well animated, audio is good, and timing is tight.