Bakos' Ruby Data Mining

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Edit: Tom helped fixed the 403 error.

This is an HTML5-Canvas game I made for a class a while back. You search the underground for ruby gems, while avoiding pythons. Getting to the data server advances you to the next level. Puns anyone?
L/R/U/D - move
P - un/pause


This was a really interesting game I wonder why it has such low reviews?

EPIC! I loved the game-play. Snake = Scary. (Ps. Holy shit thats tom Fulp)

Well I for one had a wonderful time playing! I was digging and this snake started chasing me, and I hit a rock wall so I tried to go the other way but then I hit a rock wall and I started to panic but then I dug through an opening and narrowly escaped, only to eventually die later but that's life.

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Pikanjo responds:


This is strange. This first appeared as something that you guys apparently took down and I could see why, but now it's back up. This is weird, because it's easily the worst thing you guys ever worked on. You aren't even the kind of people who work with sprite stuff. It was weird how there was no music or sound. There wasn't a lot of detail either.

It looks like you guys were just experimenting. It was just the same page over and over. I thought the blue things were supposed to help you at first. I couldn't help think this was a late April Fool's Day joke or something. Well, you tried, I guess.

Pikanjo responds:

This was my first attempt at HTML5/Canvas which I did for a class assignment a year ago. It is a tiny and repetitive game, but this was more to test out HTML5 submissions on NG for myself as well as Mike/Tom.

This game does not appear to be operational at all. X_X All I get is a 403 Forbidden error no matter what browser I use: Firefox V16.0.1, Chrome V21, even [shudder] Internet Explorer 9.

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Pikanjo responds:

The NG system was looking for an index.html in the root directory, rather than in the main (sub) directory.

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2.52 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2012
9:27 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid