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Luna's Adventure

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Author Comments

PrincessLuna and her friend Princess Chichi the acorn fairy are tracking down the evil Acorn Brigade who has taken Chichi's Magic Acorn and wish to use it to enslave and blow up a small world.

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Too many bugs: I suddenly started being immortal, I couldn't die. It was like I had infinite lives.

The battle scenes: The so called battle scenes is not play-able. It's god damn difficult!

Animation and drawing: It's bad... each character has like 1-3 frames. (Shooting, walking, flying). The drawing is also poorly made.

Needs more features: It's getting boring very fast because of that. Get some more shootings, other enemies etc.

The flying: Because of the flying, there's no reason to walk. You can just walk through the levels just flying, you don't have to kill enemies mostly because of that.

Music: It was good, not amazing, but good enough.

You can do better bro, much better!

PrincessNinjato responds:

I see...I will take all these comments and reviews and apply them to a game I am going to upload later called "Luna's Treasure Hunt 5" Its only run and jump, No shooting, No flying, No text or story, Its just a game where you run and jump and avoid monsters to get to the goal

The only thing I can see that will be negative about it is there will only be one song playing though the game to save disk space.

another shooter like but this time used to be more entretaining :3 keep doing te wood work
Also theres some hazardous objects but the game is so colored about to notice them

PrincessNinjato responds:


I suppose this could've been fun, but the control scheme ruined it.

1. Don't use system keys for controls. Shift and Ctrl are system keys. If you hit Shift a certain number of times, or hit Ctrl plus another key, it can really screw things up. Don't use them.

2. Use controls that are easy on the hands. The controls on this game use arrows on one hand, which is good, cuz it's comfortable. The other keys are difficult to get to. Use A, S, D, and/or Space. They're comfortable and natural to use.

3. Use correct spelling and grammar. Reading the story throughout the game was rough. There were so many errors in the grammar that I felt like I was reading something written by a 4th grader. If you intend to be an indie game developer, then you have to pay attention to such things. Poor quality spelling, grammar, and punctuation will absolutely ruin your credibility!

Hope that helps. :)

PrincessNinjato responds:

Noted: I will use your words to make better games some time in the future

Well... The game is cute. BUT! The music just seems kind of off, FF music was just way to much. The "speech bubbles" on the characters were a bit long and not pretty to look at. The backgrounds could use just a little work on being more interesting. It would be better if you made the forms more not changeable, I was able to just fly through the first lvl, and the underwater one you may just want to put a drivers helm on her because its still super easy. Its was a bit annoying to have to keep changing back after each stage. The "cutscenes things" or whatever you want to call it could could use a little work on maybe fading in and looking more like the backgrounds of the lvls.

This game could be really good, its cute and kind of funny, the main problems I see is the forms thing I talked about and the looks just need a little twinking. I hopes this helps

PrincessNinjato responds:

I'll remove the ability to switch forms and what you have stated.

Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2012
11:23 PM EDT