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The Namless Hero

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Author Comments

Hello Newgrounds I need your feedback, I want to know if people will like this game!
I'm really hoping it will get good feedback because I don't know if I should keep going with it. please tell me what you like/dislike, bugs and if you see this game going well in the future :)

Thanks - jamtheman1017

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This game definitely needs more work, and you should put it into it! Though getting the command just right can get a bit frustrating, this game has a lot of potential.
As far as bug go, the only thing I noticed was that in the level select screen, the players time is not actually recorded next to "Your time:"
You get 1.5 stars because the game is quite primitive still, but it has good potential. Can't wait for the patch!

One of the solutions for rubik's cube is:
-remove stickers
-put stickers back correctly
****SPOILER END**********************************

first of all, before my review, I'd like to notify all players who are looking for a walktrough, you can find a partial one (for level one, finding nyan cat, equiping cursors and pets and a all the things I've figured out for level 2 so far) on my profile (cupcakelover95 [dot] newgrounds [dot] com/news/post/773262) which will also be updated once I get more information,


I really like the concept of this game, I'd really love me some more typing based games,
the problem however, with your game, is that you really need a specific command in order for some things to work, which can make it hard, also, you should include more hints and make it possible to use the look command at any point in the level

I give you 1 star for the effort, and another one for the fact that I just love this type of game, but to earn the other 3 stars, you really need more improvements

I'm sure you can do even better with some practice, so I hope to see more from you soon, and I'd also like to see an updated version of this game!

way to tough... fun game, just needs more work

I had a tough time. The game is too specific on the command it would like you to use. There should be multiple ways of phrasing the solution to the puzzle thus forcing you to come up with a more clever way of disguising the answer.

The tutorial helped me figure out the type of phrasing needed to solve the virus game. However, I cant figure out the rubiks. I know to remove the stickers but I have no idea what to do next. The worst part is, I probably have the correct answer, I just don't know how you want me to phrase it.

I would suggest a word dictionary or a list of "commands" for the player to use centrally. This would help in the phrasing at least and help us narrow our answers.

the parser is beyond broken and there are no hints whatsoever.

Credits & Info

2.35 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2012
5:01 AM EDT