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Rickey Snout

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A short spoof of the first Mickey Mouse cartoon, Steamboat Willie.

This was originally made with MS Paint and put together in Windows Movie Maker. Since I wanted to upload it here I had to severely cut back on quality so it would fit the size restriction.

I ditched MS Paint and I'll be working in Flash from now on.

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loved the classic style and easy listening music to intense action! please keep up great work!

You made this with MS Paint?
Also as someone who's watched Steam Boat Willy, I found this hilarious.

Archewally responds:

Glad you did, thanks

Now this is some pretty zany stuff! XD
The first song that plays always reminds me of that Pee Wee Herman movie hehe.
Can't remember if it's Big Top or Great Adventure...
Anyways, I enjoyed this nod to the past with a morbid twist.
Keep up the good work!

Archewally responds:

Thanks! and yes, it's from Peewee's Great Adventure

5 stars for Jimmy at the end!

emm, i thiiink that should have been a (T) insted of an (E) i don't think children would love to see Mickey Mouse do that, although i do understand it's a parody of how it would look if it were realistic, just a bit, but still a (T)