There's Some Trouble

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This probably won't even pass, I should have put a little more effort. Sorry it's short, I need to upload something otherwise people will throw eggs. Also, to get more out of my animation, I need someone to criticise me to help me improve. I will try get better content soon on here, but hey, we all start somewhere.


the animation was awesome i like it but next time PLEASE make it longer

dontknowbinary responds:

Why thanks, man. That means quite a bit. I am in the process of dedicating myself to animating. So yeah :D

I dont even understand what he is saying so i cant get the joke here.

If you don't think it's going to pass and you think you suck, don't publish it.

"I need to upload something otherwise people will throw eggs."
Who's throwing eggs?! Is this a dare?

dontknowbinary responds:

I need to at least build confidence to make more of this shit, if I end up not adding things, I won't get better. I like getting criticism to help me and stuff like that though, so thanks for the response. I just need people to work out the problems (of course the major one is the fact the animation is tweens and lip syncs). Otherwise, how will I improve? And the eggs part, I promised a lot of people I will get into this, and I have been lacking lately, and they will throw eggs. Probably.

ahahaahhahahaahah that was fucking funny spell what backwards!?!?!?!?

dontknowbinary responds:

"Spell innocent backwards", this is a parody of TTT, as people always ask that question and if you mess up one bit, everyone kills you because you may have stuttered. :/
I should speak slower though, in my country, it's natural to speak really fast :U

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Oct 20, 2012
4:51 PM EDT