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War In Minecraft 1

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:update: wow thanks for front page and the awesome constructive reviews I'm getting. I may not respond to them all but I do read them all and take note to things you guys think needs to be improved for the next one.

Imagine being pulled into the world of minecraft forced to play by its rules. Imagine being stuck in there for what feels like years. Imagine being completely alone for that entire time.

That is until now.

What seems like a normal trip out to get Sugar Cane, will turn into the fight for his life.

Without knowing it thousands of others were pulled into the game. And they've been fighting a War agents NPC's who's leader has operating powers.

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Gotta love some minecraft

Well first off the opening scene was amazing and just reminds me that minecraft is amazing and you have went one step further so props to you, some added dialog and subtitles would be perfect, The idea and concept are on point and it all comes together very nice here, Gotta love some minecraft as I do and you too aswell and your visual ideas here really come together on the big screen so thank you for such an entertaining experience here cant wait for more.

some added dialog and subtitles would be perfect


3D Mobs and 2D Player
yes good

thats some high quality shit my guy

MAKE #2!!!!!!!!

If the original author won't make another one, then he should allow someone else to.