super kitty eater 3d!!!!!

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EDIT: thx all of u so mch 4 not leting dis get blammed. i wuld give u a hug if i culd.

can u eat da kittys in time? only u can eat da kittys.
i oput so mch effurt into this so i wuld appreciat if you wuld not blam it ok?


You really thought we were going to fall for that?

CebuLips9 responds:

hey hey hey mr spaghetti man


CebuLips9 responds:


you're how old? 16, 17, maybe 20? have you no heart. this is PETA propaganda.

CebuLips9 responds:

haha dude i fucking hate peta and this is only a joke

umm i didnt get it it says the fbi traked your ip and donot move from your place ??????????????

CebuLips9 responds:

I'm sorry, but I'm not entirely sure it's my fault. Our personalities must align somewhere for us to have productive conversation.

I think this is one of the greatest games ever. My heart rate is up and I can't wait to get a chance to wipe the kitten blood off my lips. I would give this a zero or say it should be blammed but a couple of the last times I did that my reviews were removed. So instead I will sing its praises:

This dear sir, is brilliant, the essence of subtle humor!

Deep down everyone wants to know what it's like to eat a kitten. I would give you a negative 2 if possible, but since it isn't I'll give you a 2 - because - why not?

In the future when our zombie-over-lords allow us nothing to eat but solent-green and over-ripe tangerines you will be remembered as a hero.

May Evil-Lincoln bless you and your unicorns and unique vision.

If you don't call the Fubee (eFBeeEye?) on me, I won't call them on you!

Klongdarks and Krigknots!

CebuLips9 responds:

the fact that you've came back to this so many times is really pathetic

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1.39 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2012
10:16 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person