30 FPS vs 60 FPS

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I heard this discussion (30 fps vs 60 fps) over and over again.
Can you see difference 60 fps vs 30 fps? How big a difference is it?


Big difference. Or rather: Big difference if you care. If I were eager to place a headshot in some random 1st person shooter from some 100meters away, 30 frames will make one hell of a difference. If I'm watching Sweety Sugarcurl on Youtube explaining how to use hairspray nicely, it may not bother anyone if it was at 30 fps...

3/3; 30FPS will, if nothing else, feel less smooth or comfortable than significantly higher frame rates (say, because you get FPS dips in certain areas) for me. Also, I think there may be some artifacts from the mechanism used to adjust the frame rate here. Could also be some sort of Flash issue, or an issue with Flash on my system, etc. There's not a whole lot of use in guessing or concluding anything based on three tests, though, I don't think this has proven or demonstrated anything even if there's a clear majority of people getting 3/3 or even 0/3.

not really that big of a difference only if you look at the details really but this is good i like it.

The difference is distinguishable, not big enough to matter though. As a side note, it is a good thing I'm on a friends computer since mine gets 4 fps on Runescape soooooo...

Yeah, there's a difference. Not a HUGE difference as people are saying, that's clearly pointlessly over exaggerating.

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