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SS ~ Water

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~ NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR ~ I want to acknowledge that there were a few perspectives in this that weren't entirely true, as a larger truth exists. I stated Science doesn't have answers to some questions which science DOES have answers to. I invite you not to get upset with these statements, but just allow them, there is a much deeper understanding that is being discussed here, and if you get upset at one particular sentence or two, you may miss the rest of the message. Thank you, and enjoy this short film about water ^_^

Water. What is it? We all interact with water, we're all made of water. In the modern world, we take it for granted, consuming it like nobodies business, using it up without taking time to really acknowledge it or appreciate it. There are many questions about water that are prevalent today which we don't always have the clearest understanding. Yes ~ Science has answers for many of these questions, and they serve to open up even more questions. Why do things happen in the way that they do? Why is it like that? What does it mean for the bigger picture.

For the message of this video is not to say that Science is having a hard time understanding something, but rather that there is an even larger understanding of Water and its importance for life that we can look at and be open to discussing. And even as a theory, these ideas make way for a grand understanding of what Life truly is.

It is actually a wonderful thing, because admitting we know little about something gives us an opportunity to find something out.

When we REALLY look at water (As we do in this video), we can see there is SO much more to Water than meets the eye, and the understanding of what it is can open up to something far grander than what we originally perceived it to be. Water is Life, and it is You.

The movie that this information + videos were from was called Water - The Great Mystery. On youtube you can find links to this movie, i cannot add Annotations on Newgrounds, but if you wish to view it, do a youtube search. You'll find it.


Video clips from HOME & Water: The Great Mystery

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I love these discussions, but I'll have to disagree with something..
There's a Mineral named Bismuth that expands when frozen too, not only water. Scientists are baffled at this mineral.

Bonus points, Jordan: Sun and Water are chemically speaking, basically the same: Hidrogen, the one and the same thing flowing as different aspects. Just leaving this here so people may think about it.

I do agree with Belligerent Cow for the comment on how Water is not an element. However if you refer to the term "Element" as far as the spiritual "Earth, Fire, Wind, Water" then I could understand the comment on how it can exist in multiple forms. Especially since Earth and wind are comprised of multiple things with individual freezing and melting points. Since fire is itself not matter, but more a state of energy it too can't be solid, liquid, or gaseous.

JordanD, I am a skeptic who asks questions. You have presented viewpoints that have challenged my viewpoints and allowed me to test my ability to remain flexible and open minded. I thank you for every minute of that internal conflict. However always remember that no one has all the answers. Skeptics like myself will help keep your logic sharp and concise. While there will always be skeptics who simply condemn out of fear or ignorance. However there will also be ones like myself who challenge speakers, to test knowledge and theory, and to gauge the speakers' conviction.

Wait, wait, wait... I see a problem here: Water is not an element, and if that was just accidentally said, then it is not the only thing that can exist in 3/5 forms (all compounds can). Still a fantastic video, though ;).

I'll help you heal the water on Sundays! :D I already use crystal to clean the energy of water. :) You always make such inspiring videos, I made a chakra interface and posted it up on my portal because of you. :)