Rush Rats

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Rush Rats is the amazing new maze game that introduces you to Reggie the Rat!

Reggie is rushing through London trying to find his way around underground.
Help Reggie move from one station to another as quickly as possible!


Move: Left and right keyboard arrows on screen or on keyboard.
Action (stairs, doors, etc): Spacebar or blue button on-screen.

Enter the staton on the one side, and find your way to the other side as fast as possible to beat the level. Some levels require you to collect five tickets before you can pass a gate, so be sure to not miss a single one!

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Ok, at first the game seemed interesting. Personally i don't mind some walking around and picking up stuff. But it is excruciatingly slow! Especially the parts where you have to wait for the elevator or use the stairs.

ok, the first part was ok, though a bit boring, keys not always responding well, and the quality (even though set to high) was quite low, it could be more challenging, but perhaps the next levels would be, but I need to purchase them, and if the start was this boring, I'm definitely not willing to take that risk

and the idea of having to buy the whole thing is pretty odd, I mean, I know you probably want some profits, but have you ever thought about earning money trough in-game advertisements, I mean we don't like adds, but it's better than having to pay to buy a game where you only walk around a bit

oh, and even if I wanted to buy it, nothing is clickable when it says you need to purchase more levels

5 stars
-1 star for bad working controls
-1 star for not enough challange
-1 star for having to buy levels
-1 star for not even being able to buy said levels
1 star

Just...walking?? And then you need to buy extra levels. I'm sorry, but this was a waste of my time

This is a little boring

Needs more options and a more dynamic control

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Oct 15, 2012
10:26 AM EDT
Adventure - Other