ClawMan Hunter

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Fast attack = ,
Slow attack = .
Movement = WASD

Objective of the game:
The evil claw man have gotten out of control in ClawCity and their reign of terror must be put to an end. You, the half naked retarded swordsman must shut down the claw factory, the only way you know how. By swinging a sword at a stone building, and killing the clawmen.
Destroy the ClawMan HQ.

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Good things:
Well made sprites
Good controls

Bad things:
They corner you, you can't walk.
You can't die.
No music, or sound effects.
Only 1 enemy.


this game is just glichy every where
when i swing he misses every time
All controlls are the same to me
it has no life
when i run out of hearts they just keep hitting me
thats all i got on the five mins i played

Game is clearly unfinished. As evident by the lack of a background.(a blank blue space does not cut it. unless you add clouds or something to add life.)

And this author should be banned for having the nerve to reply to someone with "you are most likely just a homosexual". When someone replied with thoughtful and helpful critique.

Needs sound, needs hitdetection, needs balance, needs working combos, needs bugfixes.

All in all: Needs more effort