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Oh my... Ghosts!

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Author Comments

Ghosts are trying to sneak into your cabin in the woods. Get rid of them with your trusty flashlight!

- Left and right to change the window your character is facing.
- Hold z to keep your flashlight turned on.


This game seemed to have no sound. The design was way too simple. I can see why the rating is low. I couldn't use the controls well. I mean, it affected stuff outside the game. You should have just done everything with the arrow keys.

There was too little going on. It was just the same ghosts over and over. It wasn't even unique. It wasn't interesting enough to make me want to go on. It had too little going for it.

Let's see, there's no sound whatsoever. There are no pickups that make it possible to fight off the ghosts because they come at you at a faster rate than your lantern "juice" (ha ha) recharges. Not only does it not have high scores but it doesn't even tell you what your score is when you die. Gee, this certainly isn't making HTML5 look very good. I'll stick with Flash thank you very much.

(Also, I fear change.)

This game suffers from the faults of an unfinished technology (HTML5). I feel that the controls were done in a most confusing manner.

Thats about it i guess...

not what I was expecting. I was turned off by how unfortunate this game was. Frankly it would of been a bit decent if it were not for the controls and the software used. I'm used to seeing regular NG labels that would ask you to proceed on one's judgement. However I'm greeted with a different screen that makes mention of "Content may not be appropriate". ....Huh!? What's that about? There's nothing in this game that would be considered "in appropriate". And the game itself is unfortunately not fun as previously mentioned the controls just weren't cut out out since mainly the game is played in wide screen and whenever I hit the arrow keys the damn screen keeps moving about to side to side and when I click the space bar it takes the blasted page down where I can't react in time and all the spooks just gang rape me like I was nothing. In terms this game was made almost unplayable to only a certain degree. Also the game itself felt weathered and dry. That's how bland it is. So if I can't play through fairly who else can? Unless of course I guess maybe this game was made for I-touches or something. But I digress, I'm going to give you 1/5 and a 1/5 in voting power. Hopefully you can conquer these minor problems that plagued my fun and hopefully might not ruin anybody elses fun. Good day.

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this game is too mediocre ang the movements was crappy and the difficulty was too hard :(
sorry but ....... BLAM !

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Credits & Info

2.14 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2012
8:28 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional