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Beyond Tuonela: Teaser

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Hey newgrounds! My last submission to this site was in 2008. I have taken my old animations down since, because... well... they were pretty bad. I decided to hone my skills and practice for the next 4 years. I really did not work on any animated projects aside from tests. A few months back I decided it was time to start working on a project I've been wanting to make for years. The prospects of the project were daunting and I needed to make sure it was possible to achieve. This short action sequence was made as a technical test. I'm happy to bring you the product of that test. I know there are a lot of teasers, promos, and whatnot for hopeful series, but I hope this one is different from most. I know it may not make much sense, but there is a plot behind all of this and the pilot is being made right now!
For anybody wondering, this was made using only Flash, After Effects, and Photoshop.

Enough from me, check it out and tell me what you think.


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This is simply amazing. i have not see a more realistic style of animation. I am so impressed by the sound synchronization and effects. I can tell that there is huge potential in a story line here and I can't wait to see one =) So well done. excellent! But you did not show much of the story in the teaser. You should have show a villian sitting in a chair or those round cop bots being made in a factory... something more to the story line. not much of a cliff hanger. I wish you luck!

Mixed-Studios responds:

Thanks man! The process and visual style of this animation was much more complex than I thought it would be. I decided it would be best to work out all the kinks and issues in a 5 minute action sequence, before starting actual production on the series. The story is completely absent as this is a glorified technical test. The story is fully developed however and the pilot is completely storyboarded. Keep a lookout!

You've worked hard and it really shows here! Looking at the flashing from the clouds and explosions though, made half my brain feel like jelly.
Sensitivities aside, this piece has great visual and audio quality. I definitely like what I could see! :)

I love the use of the camera angles and the realism into an animation like this. Different type of animation I usually see but seeing this I really like it look foward too it well done.

This is a very impressive animation. Fun to watch, and I hope there will be a full story eventually.

I think i was 6 stars...