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Haury Lavatory.

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EDIT: Frontpage! thanks Tom.

Haury Lavatory, my latest short.
Took me about a week to finish this. Also did the voicework myself this time around.. So that is why it might be a bit iffy.. English isnt my first language after all.

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+Animation: Awesome
+Voice Work: Awesome
+Art Work: Awesome
+Music: Awesome

So overall it wasn't bad.

Okay, who am I kidding, it was awesome! I really needed this laugh and boy howdy did you ever deliver! Many thanks!

I somehow couldn't stop myself from laughing as soon as the kid started saying "reflector spectre", the way he said it was so hilarious.
Also, for some weird reason your artstyle kinda reminds me of the earlier Leisure Suit Larry games...
Anyway, great little short, I enjoyed it!

Woah! That scared the shit out of me! Great work!

great quality and flow. brilliant animation. i loved the music. it really sets the mood.

I had to log on to this account from like 4 years of not using it to say this is a very great quality animation. It was a simple quick joke animation that went well with the halloween animations. I had a splendid time watching such orginal work, thanks!