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Chaos Dash

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Discord has taken the elements of harmony and scattered them through the sky of Equestria! You must collect all 6 elements to restore harmony and avoid clouds! Don't miss an element or get pushed off-screen by a cloud, or it's game over! Build up enough energy to perform a sonic rainboom and punch through the clouds by flying without collision with one for a while.

This is a submission for the My Little Game Jam competition. It was completed in just 48 hours, and hence isn't very polished. I did have plans for another level, but with the time constraints, it wasn't possible.

Please vote fairly taking into account the time restraints and the content of the game rather than "I hate ponies, 0/5".

Also, due to the contest, the game is entirely open source, and all elements have been created by myself within the time given. Most of the graphics are traced vectors, and the music is pretty terrible, but created originally.

To download the game, with a Windows and Mac binary: http://derpy.me/cdgame
To download the source, including all graphics and assets: http://derpy.me/cdsource

(note: you may have to remove any spaces from the above links)

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Could have been worth playing. Reasons it isn't now (please take this as being constructive):

1. Not maneuverable: The invisible box around Rainbow Dash and/or the clouds is too far outside the visible boundary. There are a few too many clouds given the number of given cloud speeds (either less clouds, or make the clouds travel more similarly in speed). Also, the "rubber band" reaction of RD to the mouse should be quicker (the TV-show RD would put this one to shame ;-) ).

2. Looks: RD has no animation and the "Sonic Rainboom" looks like nothing more than a picture blur. Also, animating the boom (start and continuing effect) and allowing the RD to punch through clouds while rainbooming would be better.

3. Quick loss of interest: There only seem to be 3 types of items in the game (R.D., clouds, elements). Adding more features (and animating them) would add quality.

1 star for each of the above, but #1 was the most annoying. :-P

Too short. It should be at least 20 percent longer. I don't mean that you shold make the flight time longer. It would be fine to insert more levels or at least video with Discord being turned to a stone. Anyway I liked it.

its to hard I cant make it to the first element make it have less clouds on the screen I cant make it anywhere

there are too many clouds and its almost impossible to win!

It has a good idea behind it, and the controls are alright but it it needs work I'm sure it will be awesome.

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2.71 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2012
6:09 PM EDT