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World According to NINJA

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"The World According to NINJA" follows our Hero, NINJA, on his epic quest to become the best fighter in the land and win the heart of the Girl of his dreams, GIRL NINJA.
Along the way they encounter several obstacles that will test them...through a series of...Tests.

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awesome animation

This looks to be rather promising, as a pilot I noticed it was six and a half minutes. How long do episodes plan to be?

The animation was very smooth. I enjoyed the backgrounds since it gives a nice background while the characters look slightly more cartoonish in design. The anime-esque behavior of the characters and how they were drawn though looks great. The swirly eyes and usual anime looks were quite nice. If anything, the only thing that seemed a little off in animation was when NINJA's eyes were swirled, his one cheek had the lines, while the other one did not which made me think his one eye might have been erased by error for a moment instead of it just being his cheek swelling a tad bit.

The background music was atmospheric and set the mood for the moment. The slight scare chord as NINJA suddenly noticed the #1 ninja (Gardner) giggle a bit was odd. It gave the feeling Gardner was going to attack him for a moment rather than inform him of the quest (Gardner most likely set up) leading him towards where the final match will be set.

The narrator voice left me with a question at the start though. Did Gardner become corrupted by the Wristband or was he already that way before obtaining it? Either way, him turning into a flower plant to seem invisible after giving NINJA the gem was funny.

Overall, this looks quite promising.


Thanks for the review!
Yes the pilot was six and half minutes. We are trying to keep each episode to about 4-5 minutes each. Makes them easily manageable.
This was our first venture in animation and we are blessed to have the response we have gotten.

This episode really was just set up for the rest of the show.
As for the anime-esque behaviors and tone, haha i feel we draw from our influences growing up and Anime was a big influence.

Once again thanks for the review!!!

Pretty cool submission. I really liked the voice acting here, it was top notch.
I also liked the "over the top anime style", with the characters striking weird poses, or their facial expressions being so ridiculous, that you just have to laugh.

Another good thing about this flash are the nicely drawn backgrounds. They kind of buil a contrast to the almost sloppily drawn characters, and this contrast looks very interesting to me.

The musical choice was pretty good as well. It fitted well to the scenes and added a lot more quality to the already nice flash.

Overall, I can find nothing to complain about. :)

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Thanks for the positive review!!! Our background artist did some AMAZING work and is an extremely talented dude. Everyone here takes their ART very seriously.
Im glad you enjoyed it!
We try to focus on giving people the "FULL" experience that we can provide.

My favorite part was when Ninja couldn't even see that the Gardener had the wristband in the first place. That would have saved a lot of time on his end instead of embarking on this journey. lol


Hahaha just shows how clueless our Hero really is...

I got a major Legendary Frog vibe from this, which is by no means a bad thing. I liked it, overall. The animation was very good and crisp, there's a lot of solid parody stuff going on (moar liek Nar-POO-to, amirite?) and the voices worked well in their roles. Best part for me was the opening. Played totally straight with some really wicked visuals, but a really chiche'd anime topic and weird stuff thrown in. I'd call it modern DragonBall-esque. Again, not a bad thing. Great stuff, my friend. Good job.


Thanks...Ill have to look up Legendary Frog.

Credits & Info

4.24 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2012
4:18 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place October 12, 2012