SMB:HOTS Episode 1 Vol 1

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HERE IT IS!!! The first part of my series: Super Mario Bros: Heroes of the Stars episode 1! :D

SMB Heroes of the Stars is my dream project,
which has elements from the Paper Mario series, Asterix comic series
and also some from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Storyline is based on the story of Asterix, Kirby and Paper Mario,
but different because I added my own storyline of my flash animation series.

I will thanks TheGuy07, TuffTony, ZatchHunter, ShadeFalcon, Legend-tony980 and FaisalAden to support me to make my series.

Without them, how can I make my animation? I dunno...

Anyway, here's music list in this episode:
Shadow of the Colossus - Black Blood
Sonic Unleashed - The World Adventure Orchestral Theme
Ultraman Nexus - Main Title
Super Mario Advance 4 - SMB 3 Overworld
(NSMBDS Style by xXchainchomp01)
Super Mario RPG - My Paradise, Monstro Town
Hoshi no Kaabii - Dedede Bustle
Hoshi no Kaabii - Dictator
Dragon Ball Kai - Piccolo Appears
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time - Toadwood Forest
New Super Mario Bros Wii - Final Castle Appearance
New Super Mario Bros Wii - Castle
Dragon Ball Kai - Anxiety And Unease
Super Mario RPG - Super Pipe House
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time - Yoshi Village
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Petalburg
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time - Gritzy Caves
Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story - Bowser's Fortress Act 1
Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story - Bowser's Fortress Act 2
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time - The Shroobs Invade
One Piece - Warui Yatsu
Hulk vs. - Department H (Hulk vs. Wolverine)

Programs Used:
Macromedia Flash 8
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Sony Vegas Pro 10

Well, that's all.

Part Two will be released tomorrow.


Really good work you've done there. Only thing I'd have to say is to spell check before hand :9

I really enjoyed this. The subtitles need a little work but other then that I loved it XD

Interesting concept your trying to revisit. Are you a fan of the "Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga" games?

-The Sprite transitions: Well executed, and done with extreme consideration for the quality of the work.

-Interactions: Cool how you gave the Mario bros. universe a bit of personality by letting characters interact with each-other at an alarmingly slow rate compared to the games and other fan fiction.

-The sounds: Fun, although its weird to hear music form other games and anime that have nothing to do with the series.
-Dialogue: There are a ton of grammatical errors. I'm not talking about when you add a letter to make one of the plumbers sound Italian, but you use the wrong tense of the word. I would highly recommend you have someone check your script before you post. Makes video look sloppy.

-Pacing: A bit slow for my taste. I know there are fighting scenes in other episodes, but just a comment I'd say about the first episode of your series.

Well done. hope to see more of the episodes in the future.

This is amazing by the way, and why is the song at 1:18 the opening song for "Sonic Unleashed"

The english subtitles are horrendous. Atleast have a few people look over them before you publish this. They also stay for way too long, slowing the story down to a point where it gets dull really quickly. My advise would be to either add a way to skip through dialogue using spacebar or mouseclicks, and to have someone review it for any major mistakes.

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Oct 10, 2012
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